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Miesha Tate claims Cyborg video ‘horribly edited’ to misrepresent Dana White

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during UFC 206 Media day. All the fighters on the card make themselves available to the media in advance of the fights on Saturday December 10th at the Air Canada Centre Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s featherweight champion, Cristiane Justino, insists promotion president, Dana White, is lying to the mixed martial arts (MMA) media about her willingness to rematch Amanda Nunes.

“Lioness” stopped Justino at UFC 232 last December.

In fact, the he said/she said drama has gotten so bad over the last few weeks, “Cyborg” decided to confront White face-to-face in the wake of her Felicia Spencer win at the UFC 240 pay-per-view (PPV) last weekend in Edmonton.

And while cameras were conveniently placed to capture the impromptu showdown, not everyone is convinced the narrative is exactly as how the Brazilian has portrayed it. That includes former UFC champion Miesha Tate, who has a couple of unanswered questions about the “truth.”

“It was really edited poor right there,” Tate said on MMA Tonight (via MMA News). “And I watched his mouth very closely. And, to me, the word ‘truth’ did not look like where they ended. It looked like he was saying, ‘When I’m saying stuff about that, I’m not talking’ … and I’m not convinced that the subtitles are accurate and exactly what he said. That’s my stance on it.”

“I think the video was definitely edited to favor the stance for Cyborg. I think the video was horribly edited because he was mid-sentence. He was mid-sentence, and they just cut it off. And I did not hear the word ‘truth,’ and it was in stride of another sentence. I didn’t get his lips pairing with the word ‘truth.’

“Why did we not get to hear what his follow-up sentence was? It felt like it was edited right there to make it sound like he said, ‘I’m not saying the truth,’ and people read the subtitle and they assume that’s what he’s saying. But I don’t know. There was a continuation, and they cut it right there.”

The Spencer fight was the last on Justino’s UFC contract and despite the potential to make some decent coin on “Nunes vs. Cyborg 2,” neither side appears willing to budge. Bad news for UFC fans, great news for Scott Coker and Bellator MMA.