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Video: Israel Adesanya had quite the reaction to Jorge Masvidal’s flying knee KO of Ben Askren

Watch Adesanya as he witnesses the most violent finish of the night at UFC 239 in Las Vegas.

Israel Adesanya is not one to hold back when it comes to expressing himself, and Saturday night in Las Vegas he let his appreciation explode out after seeing Jorge Masvidal wreck Ben Askren with a record-setting 5 second flying knee knockout (watch it here).

It was a moment that was captured by TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter as he interviewed “Stylebender” backstage at UFC 239.

“Ghetto Jesus! Ghetto f**king Jesus. No f**king way!” Adesanya exclaimed. “That’s the fastest knockout in UFC history, right? In UFC history, is it?”

Adesanya sputtered in shock for several moments as the highlights ran offscreen.

“The n**ga planked. He brought planking back.” Adesanya said. “Wow, holy s**t. Cuban Jesus just knocked out... what, what’s his name? Wow. Cuban Jesus. Cuban Jesus!”

Later on, Bronsteter played Masvidal the footage of Adesanya appreciating his handiwork.

”Damn, my dawg freaked out,” Masvidal said watching the video. “I know he likes that violent s**t. Damn, that’s the champ right there shouting me out. You guys are welcome, man. See, that’s another real fighter, that’s a dude that comes to hurt people. So when I get those reactions out of guys that I like their style and like that they’re actual fighters, he’s a dog, he showed that in the Gastelum fight, it means a lot to me.”

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