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UFC 239 results: Michael Chiesa smashes outclassed Diego Sanchez, wins lopsided decision

Michael Chiesa and Diego Sanchez faced each other in a Welterweight clash tonight (Sat., July 6, 2019) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, streaming live online via ESPN+.

Sanchez looked absolutely out of his mind during the introductions. Sanchez tackled an early single leg, but Chiesa countered the shot with a choke attempt that rolled his foe over. Immediately, Chiesa jumped on an armbar attempt, allowing Sanchez to take top position once more. Chiesa returned to his feet quickly, throwing a flurry along the fence. Against the cage, Chiesa locked up a body lock and forced his foe to the mat. This time, Chiesa was able to take his foe’s back. Chiesa threatened the choke. When it failed, he dropped some heavy elbows. Miraculously, Sanchez survived and went after a takedown, but he wound up on his back once more. For the final minute of the round, Sanchez was stuck on the bottom, but at least he didn’t eat too many punches.

Chiesa opened the second round with an easy takedown as Sanchez charged forward. Once more, Chiesa began moving toward the back mount, landing some hard shots as he controlled a wrist. Nonetheless, Sanchez managed to work back up to his feet. Chiesa stung his foe with a combination as a result, before he dropped him back down to the mat with another double leg takedown. In the guard, Chiesa landed some hard elbows. When Sanchez attacked a leg lock, Chiesa countered with a back take, nearly finishing his foe with punches from that position. Despite the abuse, Sanchez managed to turn into guard! It was momentary, however, as Chiesa stood right back up. Sanchez attempted to land a takedown of his own, but Chiesa reversed into top position and attacked a kimura.

The rounded ended from that position, leaving Sanchez in dire straits with five minutes remaining.

Sanchez managed to land a single right hook before being taken down yet again. This time, Chiesa worked into a crucifix position but fell off. Once more, Sanchez was unable to keep him down, however. Chiesa then scored another takedown. Sanchez almost managed to stand up, but Chiesa took his back again in the process. Sanchez remained crafty though, constantly moving and preventing Chiesa from really teeing off. Finally, Chiesa landed a body triangle and settled there. Thoroughly stuck, Sanchez finished the fight by elbowing the shin until the bell.

All in all, it was a dominant win for Chiesa despite it being fairly odd fight. Chiesa nearly scored a finish on several occasions, but Sanchez — unsurprisingly — managed to survive.

Result: Michael Chiesa defeats Diego Sanchez via unanimous decision (30-26 x3)

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