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Colby Covington suspicious of Robbie Lawler’s ‘fountain of youth’ — ‘It doesn’t make sense’

Now that Robbie Lawler has parted ways with American Top Team (ATT), former teammate, Colby Covington, no longer has to be nice to him ahead of their UFC on ESPN 5 main event next month in Newark, New Jersey.

So, in true Covington fashion, the top-ranked welterweight contender is going after the former champion with his usual bag of tricks, which includes a closer look at the “super potion” or whatever is giving Lawler the “fountain of youth.”

“I think in his last fight, when he fought Ben Asscream and he left him for dead and he knocked him out in his first round, he looked physically better than he’s looked in his whole entire career,” Covington told Submission Radio. “So, I don’t want to point to science or other things, but you would think at that age he wouldn’t look as good as he looks.”

Lawler (28-13, 1 NC) turned 37 back in March and while he looks as good as ever, his performances have not kept pace. “Ruthless” dropped three of his last four and did not complete at all in 2018.

“I mean, I trained with the guy in his prime, in his early 30’s, and you’re gonna tell me in his late 30’s he looks better than he’s ever looked his whole entire career?” Covington asked. “And this is after he’s taken the most significant strikes in UFC history. This is after all the wars he’s put his body through. And then just all of a sudden he’s just on some super potion and he just looks better than ever? You know, let’s be honest guys, it doesn’t make sense. I’m gonna let the people be the judge of that. But I mean, let’s be honest guys, you don’t just in your late 30’s all of a sudden just have a fountain of youth and you’re just stronger and better than you’ve ever been in your whole entire career.”

Covington (14-1) is expected to fight welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, at UFC 244 in New York, assuming he’s able to overcome Lawler in “The Garden State.” If “Chaos” comes up short, that spot will likely go to ATT teammate Jorge Masvidal.

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