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Greg Hardy sends a message to his doubters after UFC San Antonio win: ‘I told you so’

Hardy improved to 2-1 over the weekend and had a message for all the haters who continue to doubt him in his new career.

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Greg Hardy continues to make waves, albeit at the bottom of UFC’s Heavyweight division. The controversial former NFL player improved his record to 2-1 at UFC on ESPN 4 with a quick technical knockout win over Juan Adams, a fellow Dana White’s “Tuesday Night Contender Series” fighter who many thought would challenge Hardy with superior wrestling.

Unfortunately for Adams, things did not work out that way. He ended up under Hardy eating punches until the ref stepped in just 45 seconds into their fight (watch the finish here). Afterward at a media scrum, Hardy was excited to remind everyone how he was getting doubted.

“I feel like saying I told you so,” Hardy said (video via MMA Junkie). “I said it was going to happen and it did happen. I’m pretty sure he went to the hospital. So, boom.”

”Did you see the whizzer?” he added with a smile. “I’m making little developments. Everyone wants to talk about the cockiness and the things that I say on camera but everybody forgets the last statement. I go back and I’m going to work. I’m going to fix things, I’m going to add skills. This is an every day occurrence, an everyday thing and I’m not going away.”

As far as the stoppage goes, Adams had such an issue with it he stormed out of the cage after his loss. But, Hardy had no issue with it and explained why to the assembled media.

“He got hit like 30 times. The ref said, ‘Defend yourself, you gotta do something.’ I kinda felt his body go limp. I was banging on his head so I kinda slowed the pace down to see if he was going to react or do something so I could play defense. When he didn’t I just went in for the finish, so Dan gave him plenty of warnings, man.”

Regarding what’s next? More hard training and a quick turnaround, if possible.

”Y’all saw it in the ring, I’m bleeding for these fans,” Hardy said. “Y’all love me and I love you back. And even if you don’t love me, I love you. So I’m here for it, I’m here to entertain, I’m trying to get back as soon as possible, man. I think I proved my main point, which is I walk forward, I’m not scared of anything, and I’m one of the most dangerous men on the planet.”

”I need to keep my promise to you guys: entertainment and a whole lot of pain. And I need to get back into the lab, I need to study, I need to become a student of the game even more so. I need to ignore the BS that fans are going to talk about fighting this opponent or that opponent and keep my mind set on the goal. Because everybody will get fought.”

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