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Greg Hardy calls Juan Adams’ post-fight behavior ‘childish,’ Adams apologizes

The football player-turned MMA fighter had some choice words for his latest victim after UFC San Antonio.

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Former NFL player Greg Hardy scored his second UFC win at UFC on ESPN 4 on Saturday night (July 20, 2019), stoppiing Juan Adams in just 45 seconds. It was a clean jab that prompted Adams to give up the striking game against Hardy and instead shoot for a takedown. Unfortunately, he wound up under Hardy where a series of unanswered blows forced the referee to stop things (see the finish here).

Adams wasn’t too happy about the stoppage and made a big deal of complaining about things, even going so far as to storm out of the cage before the official result was announced. That’s a move he’s feeling rather bad about in retrospect now that he’s calmed down.

“I apologize to the UFC and to the fans for the way I acted after the fight,” he wrote on Twitter. “I let my emotions get the better of me and i acted horribly. To everyone present and watching at home i truly apologize. I took a few to the head and was caught up in the moment.”

“Guys I don’t party after a loss, I’m sorry. I am sorry for losing composure, I am sorry for not honoring my word, and all I can do is prove myself if given another opportunity,” he wrote in a follow up post. “Whatever is next is next, but next week it’s back in the gym.”

The controversial Hardy addressed the situation during the ESPN post-fight show, and while he continues to try and project his respect for his new sport, that didn’t stop him from taking a hard line on Adams.

”I had to learn certain things, and my first lesson was with Allen Crowder — fighting emotional is not the best way to do this business, 100 percent,” he said, referring to his first official UFC fight that ended in a DQ loss. “Even with just from the point of [Adams] walking out, he conducted himself like a child. And I saw that upfront and stooping to that level would not have benefited me, just because I am such a rookie.”

Adams and Hardy are both prospects brought up through Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, and Hardy just keeps burning through his opponents with quick knockout and technical knockout finishes. After this latest win we expect the UFC to graduate Hardy up to the next level of opposition, so let’s see how he does then.