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Henry Cejudo just called out Amanda Nunes — ‘I want her gold too’

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight champion Henry Cejudo, who also holds gold at 135 pounds, is on a mission to silence his critics and prove he is, without question, the greatest combat sports athlete of all time.

The means to that end?

A collection of belts across multiple weight classes, even if it means jumping over to the women’s division for a potential champion vs. champion super fight against Amanda Nunes, or perhaps even Valentina Shevchenko.

“I’m taking everybody from 99 pounds to 149 pounds and you know what? If Amanda Nunes wants to get it too, Valentina, I’m calling you guys out too,” Cejudo told TMZ. “I take no prisoners. I’m such a gold digger, If she has gold, I want her gold too.”

I’m not sure Nikki Bella wants to hear that “Triple C” is off battling members of the opposite sex, which does have a precedent in mixed martial arts (MMA). It may, however, require Cejudo to travel to Brazil to get it done.

Since UFC is unlikely to sanction Cejudo vs. Nunes, the artist formerly known as “The Messenger” can instead deliver his next title defense against Joseph Benavidez, or perhaps Aljamain Sterling, once his health issues are wrapped up once and for all.

But after what I saw at UFC 239, my money would be on Nunes.