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Photo: Hospitalized Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone still smiling after UFC 238 loss

For a guy who just had his lightweight title hopes dashed and his orbital bone broken by Tony Ferguson at UFC 238, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone sure seems like he’s in a pretty good mood.

There were moments of obvious disappointment and frustration after he blew a bunch of snot and blood out of his broken nose between rounds two and three, causing his eye to swell shut and doctors to stop the fight (watch the highlights here). But once he got on the mic with Joe Rogan he couldn’t stop smiling, and even seemed to find the whole situation kind of funny.

That smile was locked in as he carried his son backstage after the fight.

And later on in the night he once again poked fun at his ruined face on Instagram:

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A post shared by Donald Cerrone (@cowboycerrone) on

Then there’s this photo shared by Donald’s fiance Lindsay. Again, still smiling!


With broken orbital bones sometimes taking over a year to heal depending on the severity, this could be the last we see of “Cowboy” and his lovely family for a while. But considering how active the UFC tends to keep Cerrone, a forced vacation isn’t the worst thing in the world that could happen to him. And if he can survive UFC 238 with a smile, he can survive anything.

BMF indeed.

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