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Tony Ferguson: ‘Wishy-washy’ Dana White is not my boss, our relationship is ‘dissed’

Tony Ferguson gets a lot of shit from a lot of people.

Getting mistreated by fellow fighters is part of the game and I think even a “looney” lightweight like “El Cucuy” understands that. But what happens when UFC is the one who gives him the middle finger and kicks him in the balls?

It creates a bad working relationship, like the one Ferguson currently has with UFC President, Dana White. I guess the former interim champion didn’t like being called out by the outspoken promoter in the wake of his brutal UFC 223 injury.

“There was a lot of emotional damage,” Ferguson said at the UFC 238 media day (via MMA Junkie). “I mean, just more than anything else, coming from Dana’s mouth, saying that ‘Anybody that wears (sun)glasses inside deserves to have that happen to them.’ Oof, what the (expletive) is that? Dude, I was wearing prescription glasses. I wear them all the time, because obviously I have a couple different things with branding.”

White is “Notorious” for changing his tune when it comes to the value of fighters, even with his cash cow, Conor McGregor. One day the Irishman is disgusting and despicable, the next day he’s well respected. And Ferguson can’t deal with that wishy-washy attitude.

“That’s why our relationship is dissed – I don’t really like trying to get too close to him. He’s not my boss. I work for the company,” Ferguson continued. “Literally, I’m not trying to be his best friend. I don’t want to be close with anyone who’s wishy-washy. I’m not here for that. I’m here to represent myself, represent my country – United States. I am Mexican, so an American with Mexican parts. It’s dope. It’s powerful.”

Even more powerful would be a win over longtime veteran, Donald Cerrone, on the UFC 238 pay-per-view (PPV) main card this Sat. night (June 8, 2019) inside United Center in Chicago, which could lead to tiramisu for dessert sometime later this year.

Depending on how wishy-washy White is feeling at that time.

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