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Tony Ferguson: UFC 238 sucked until I came on, send Ali Abdelaziz the PPV bill when you order

Tony Ferguson will make his much-anticipated return to action this Saturday night (June 8, 2019) when he faces off against Donald Cerrone at the UFC 238 pay-per-view (PPV) event in Chicago, Illinois.

Or as some call it, “The People’s Main Event.”

For Tony, it will be the first time he hasn’t been either headlining or co-headlining a card in a while. Nevertheless, he says now that he and “Cowboy” are deck, the event got a whole lot sweeter.

“I think they should have put my picture on the poster, for one,” he said to MMA Junkie. “This is disappointing to see, for two. This has been the first time I haven’t been the main event or co-main event for a very long (expletive) time. I made it a point as soon as I got in the UFC to say I’m not ever going to go backward,” he added.

“You guys can call it what you want, man. This card sucked. I’ll be straight up. I didn’t (expletive) pay attention to anybody who was on this card. I don’t give two (expletive) about the people at the top.”

Despite getting ready to punch Cerrone in the face, Tony says he respects “Cowboy” for not being like Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, and actually agreeing to face him.

“The only people I care about right now are Conor and ‘tiramisu’ (Khabib Nurmagomedov). If those two (expletive) don’t have no balls to be able sign on the dotted line, and the only person that did was ‘Cowboy.’

“‘Cowboy’ is ride or die, man, and so am I. It’s a dying breed, and these (expletive) dudes, they’re ruining the sport. So I’m keeping this (expletive) rolling.”

With UFC drawing some criticism for shifting its PPV purchase plan over to ESPN+, streaming the event illegally has been an option for many. But if you purchase UFC 238, Ferguson says Ali Abdelaziz will fork over the cash to pay for the bill.

Ali, of course, doesn’t know yet.

“Fans, don’t stream this (expletive),” Ferguson said. “You better buy that (expletive) pay-per-view. We’ll send Ali the bill, and we’ll get that (expletive) taken care of.”

Maybe that will increase PPV orders?

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