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UFC on ESPN 3 results: Joseph Benavidez swarms Jussier Formiga, scores huge knockout

Joseph Benavidez and Jussier Formiga faced each other in a Flyweight clash earlier today (Saturday, June 29, 2019) inside the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota only on ESPN.

Benavidez opened the fight looking for low kicks before connecting with a body shot. Two left kicks connect to the mid-section for Benavidez, as well as a follow up left hand to the body. Benavidez then connects with an overhand right. Formiga landed a nice counter, but Benavidez dug a pair of low kicks. A left hand from Formiga then opened a cut around Benavidez’s eye. Benavidez then scored with another body kick and a follow up right hand. Benavidez clubbed the body and pushed into the clinch. Good kick to the mid-section scored for Formiga. Capitalizing on a slip, Formiga attempted to take the back but was unable to hold his foe down.

The cut around his eye bothered Benavidez, but it was otherwise a strong round for “Beefcake.”

Benavidez opened the second round with another hard body kick from the Southpaw stance. Formiga stung his foe with a nice jab. Formiga timed a double leg well and hits a big left, but Benavidez masterfully rolled out of the back mount position immediately to land in top position. Formiga was able to work his way back up fairly quickly, however. Another hard body kick from Benavidez and a good calf kick too. Combo landed for Benavidez to the body and leg. Formiga’s leg seemed to have been damaged by the previous low kick. Benavidez returned to the calf kick. Benavidez then dug to the body with a hard pair of hooks.

From Southpaw, Benavidez next fired a high kick directly into the jaw, rocking his opponent. Formiga backed into the fence, and Benavidez followed up with a massive swarm of punches that saw the Brazilian crumble to the mat.

Front-to-back, this was a great performance from Benavidez, who showed off his vaunted scrambling ability, diverse combinations, and knockout power. With any luck, he’s secured his position as the No. 1 contender.

Result: Joseph Benavidez defeats Jussier Formiga via second-round knockout.

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