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UFC on ESPN 3 results: Vinc Pichel hands Roosevelt Roberts first career loss

Roosevelt Roberts and Vinc Pichel faced each other in a Lightweight clash earlier today (Saturday, June 29, 2019) inside the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota only on ESPN.

Pichel opened with a jab to the body, and the two traded low kicks. Jabs and feints answered by Roberts. Decent low kick landed for Pichel, but Roberts responded with a slick combination that scored well. Oblique kick from Roberts. Pichel swung for a right hand but was having difficulty finding his range. As a result, Pichel jammed his way into the clinch, but Roberts reversed and separated quickly.

Back at range, Roberts landed a nice flying knee before driving into the clinch. Jab from Roberts. Pichel attempted a double leg along the fence to no avail. Pichel then denied a takedown from Roberts. Nice low kick from Pichel. Hard combination scored by Roberts is answered by a nice counter right from Pichel. Roberts then picked Pichel up and slammed him hard. Pichel denied a back take and scrambled up, but he ate some punches in the process.

It was a strong first round from Roberts, who out-landed and out-wrestled his more veteran foe.

The two traded jabs and low kicks to open the second round. Roberts landed well with his straight shots, but Pichel answered by running into a hard low kick. Pichel then timed a double leg perfectly, driving his foe to the fence and tripping him down to the mat. Pichel tied up the legs in a triangle against the fence, landing some decent shots. Still, Roberts would not be held down for too long. Back on the feet, Roberts advanced, landing a couple crosses but eating more low kicks. Pichel showed some signs of fatigue and walked into another flying knee. Against the fence, Roberts countered a kimura attempt with a high-crotch takedown into back mount. However, Pichel managed to explode and gain top position with 20 seconds remaining in the round!

Pichel finished the round in mount, leaving everything to be decided in the final frame.

Pichel came out swinging in the third, but the jabs and combinations of Roberts were more effective early. Pichel changed the scene by ducking into another double leg along the fence, throwing him to the mat. Roberts threw his legs up looking for a submission, but it allowed Pichel to advance past the guard into a crucifix. As Roberts moved to escape, Pichel latched onto his neck, threatening a tight guillotine choke! Roberts escaped to his feet, and the two began trading hard shots before the fight moved back into the clinch. Once more, Pichel’s strength proved the difference maker, allowing him to drag Roberts to the mat.

Pichel then took the back, landing some solid shots and taking mount when Roberts attempted to escape. For the remainder of the round, Pichel really controlled his foe, though he didn’t manage to do a ton of damage.

All the same, it was a clear round for Pichel, who came up big to finish a close fight. At the end of the day, Pichel’s grit, wrestling, and strength proved enough to overcome Roosevelt’s rangy kickboxing.

Result: Vinc Pichel defeats Roosevelt Roberts via decision

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