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End of an era: Yes, Michael Chiesa has cut off his mullet

Chiesa credits his girlfriend for gently pointing him toward a more professional look.

Photo of TUF 15 winner Michael Chiesa by Tracy Lee for <a href="" target="new">Yahoo!Sports</a>.
Photo of TUF 15 winner Michael Chiesa by Tracy Lee for Yahoo!Sports.

Michael Chiesa returns to action at UFC 239 on July 6, 2019, against Diego Sanchez, and he’s bringing a new look with him into the cage. Those at UFC’s media day noticed him looking remarkably different — fresh new wardrobe and ... fresh new cut? Yes, that’s right: his mullet is now a thing of the past, and you can thank his girlfriend for convincing him to fix his whole bird’s nest thing and present himself like a goddamn adult.

”I think it’s just time for me to grow up,” Chiesa told TMZ Sports. “I’ve had a mullet the better half of my whole life and I’ve always just been this hairy, wild man. But I’m a professional athlete and ... I have a girlfriend now, and as she’s gotten more comfortable in the relationship, she wants a civilized looking boyfriend.”

But don’t think she forced him into it and he’s unhappily sitting there without his party in the back.

”It’s good for me, man. I don’t think a lot of people - not like I care what anybody think - but I just don’t think a lot of people took me seriously when the old me would walk into media day with a mullet and a Hawaiian shirt. And I’m comfortable with myself and don’t care what people think, but you know what? I do like being professional. And it’s nice all of a sudden I show up and people are like ‘Hey, who are you?’”

”I’ve turned over a new leaf,” he concluded. “The goal stays the same. I’m just like a better version of myself now.”

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