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Ben Askren worried ‘idiot’ Jorge Masvidal will do something stupid to ruin UFC 239 fight

One Championship: Dynasty of Heroes Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Jorge Masvidal recently stated that if Ben Askren decided to invade his personal space at any point during the lead up to their fight at UFC 239 on July 6, 2019, he’d have to give him the Leon Edwards treatment and hand him a “three piece and a soda.”

Askren – who isn’t new to out of the cage confrontations – says a pre-fight scuffle between he and Masvidal does worry him, solely for the fact that a dumb move by Jorge will hurt both of their paychecks for no reason.

“They need to keep that idiot away from me. I am paid to fight in the Octagon, and we can do it for 15 minutes. And I don’t want any chances that he is going to do something stupid before the fight and ruin it,” said “Funky” during a recent interview with ESPN.

“He is that dumb. I mean it is going to ruin his paycheck, too, not just mine. But yes, I would be concerned if he ruined both my paycheck and his paycheck by doing something stupid that he thinks make him look tougher or bold, masculine,” he added.

“I don’t know what’s inside his head that makes him think that the type of behavior is cool or acceptable.”

Of course, the two men were set to come face-to-face during a recent media day to promote their Welterweight bout just yesterday, but “Gamebred” was a no show, leaving Askren with no one to staredown.

But the two men will still have another chance to face off before fight night, which means Dana White and his staff will have to be on point to prevent anything from happening.

Of course, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier infamously came to blows during a face off, and their fight went on as planned, so I highly doubt the promotion would pull the plug on the fight if things got out of hand.

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