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Bellator 223/London results: ‘Mousasi vs Lovato Jr.’ streaming play-by-play updates

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Bellator 223: “Mousasi vs. Lovato” airs TONIGHT (June 22, 2019) from SSE Arena in London, England via Paramount Network. The Middleweight title is on the line as Gegard Mousasi (45-6-2) takes on the undefeated Rafael Lovato Jr. (9-0) in his first crack at a world title!

Bellator 223’s main card will start at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network and DAZN (watch it) with “prelim” fights at 11:30 a.m. ET and “Bellator London” at 5 p.m. ET both via the Bellator app. will deliver results and play-by-play for the entire card.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 223) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Gegard Mousasi vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.Lovato MD 47-47, 48-47 X2.
Melvin Manhoef vs. Kent KauppinenManhoef UD 29-28 X3.
Aaron Chalmers vs. Fred FreemanChalmers sub (triangle) 4:05 R2.


Paul Daley vs. Erick SilvaDaley UD 29-27 X3.
James Gallagher vs. Jeremiah LabianoGallagher UD 29-28 X3.
Fabian Edwards vs. Jonathan BosukuEdwards UD 30-27 X3.
Mike Shipman vs. Costello van SteenisVan Steenis KO 1:34 R2.
Charlie Ward vs. Justin MooreWard TKO 3:23 R2.
Walter Gahadza vs. Oliver EnkampEnkamp (RNC) 4:52 R1.
Denise Kielholtz vs. Bryony TyrellKielholtz TKO 2:48 R3.
Chris Bungard vs. Charlie LearyLeary UD 30-25 X3.
Kate Jackson vs. Lena OvchynnikovaJackson TKO (doctor) 4:20 R1.
Terry Brazier vs. Alessandro BottiBrazier sub (Americana) 2:17 R3.
Nathan Rose vs. Luke OrdOrd UD 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.
Alfie Davis vs. George KanellaDavis UD 29-27 X3.
Justin Burlinson vs. Wendle LewisBurlinson (verbal tap) 0:09 R1.
Galore Bofando vs. Keith McCabeBofando UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.
Kevin Fryer vs. John RedmondFryer SD 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.
Nathan Greyson vs. Frans MlamboMlambo sub (d’arce) 4:22 R1.


Gegard Mousasi vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.

Middleweight champion Mousasi comes in 45-6-2 in the red gloves, while the challenger Lovato Jr. comes in undefeated at 9-0 in the blue gloves. Lovato sports the black trunks and fights out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mousasi has white trunks tonight and fights out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The referee for our main event is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: Lovato throws the first leg kick and a right jab. He throws a body kick as Mousasi stands in front of Lovato getting a read on his opponent. The crowd is chanting for the champion. Lovato throws a left high kick. Mousasi comes in for a right hand and a flurry, and Lovato immediately clinches and puts Mousasi on the fence. Mousasi breaks free at 2:13. Lovato gets a takedown at 2:23 and is on top in half. Mousasi uses the butterfly guard to stop Lovato from advancing to full mount. He passes to side control at 3:46. Lovato almost tricked Mousasi into a d’arce but he got away right before Lovato could cinch it. 10-9 Lovato.

Round 2: Lovato executes another takedown and has Mousasi’s back against the fence searching for openings. Mousasi stands up at 1:36. Lovato throws a high kick and shoots. He goes for the back as Mousasi stands back up. Lovato tries to throw him but Mousasi keeps his balance. Mousasi partially lands a knee to the head. Leon Roberts is taking a close look as the action stalls on the cage. Lovato with knees to the body. Mousasi stomps on the feet. Mousasi pushes free at 3:38. Mousasi lands a few jabs and throws the right hook. Mousasi with a body shot. Jab to the chin. Body kick from Lovato before he circles off with 20 seconds left. That was a much closer round. One could say it was Mousasi 10-9 since he was scoring on the feet and Lovato didn’t even come close to a submission on the ground. McCarthy believes otherwise on commentary.

Round 3: Mousasi opens R3 with his hands and leg kicks. Lovato tries to trip Mousasi to the ground but they end up against the fence with Mousasi standing and Lovato on his back. Lovato tries to knee him from behind looking for a leg sweep. Meanwhile Mousasi draws repeated warnings not to grab the fence. Lovato finally gets the takedown and starts to unload with the right elbow. Lovato has a full mount with over three minutes left. Lovato moves to his back as Mousasi tries to get up. Mousasi spins in the body triangle and wins up on top at 3:13. Lovato tries to sweep the body with his legs but Mousasi smashes his left eye and blood starts flowing immediately. Mousasi stands up with a minute left looking to hammer more punches into his head. Mousasi stacks Lovato up against the cage and keeps unloading jackhammer lefts and rights. Clear 10-9 round for Mousasi.

Round 4: Mousasi immediately comes forward with his lefts and rights sensing there’s a target he can connect with on Lovato’s face. There’s swelling under Lovato’s left eye that may be making it hard for him to see. Lovato keeps circling and backing away as Mousasi catches a leg and kicks it at will before letting it go. Lovato goes to his butt and dares Mousasi to jump on top. He knows better and backs away to force a standup at 2:15. Mousasi throws a shot that drops Lovato against the fence at 2:39. Blood is streaming down Lovato’s face. Mousasi spins out of a leg attack. Roberts forces a standup at 3:10. Chants of Mousasi’s name ring out around SSE Arena. Mousasi steps out of a takedown attempt and kicks Lovato in the legs until Roberts stands Lovato again at 4:14. The entire left side of Lovato’s head is a bloody mess. Big right from Mousasi at 4:47. 10-9 Mousasi.

Round 5: Lovato shoots very hard for a double leg and gets it, but Mousasi is immediately sitting up against the fence at 0:30. Lovato tries to lace the legs to keep Mousasi from getting back up, then tries to pull his hips away from the cage. 1:15. Mousasi uses the butterfly guard to try and keep Lovato from passing. Lovato moves to take the back at 1:42. Mousasi nearly turns on top but Lovato senses it and stays on the back with the body triangle. 2:30. Lovato is fighting hard to get an arm under the chin but Mousasi is defending it well. 3:15. Every time Mousasi might have an opportunity to spin on top Lovato turns him over and rides on his back with Mousasi on his knees. He’s throwing hammerfists from behind with 50 seconds left. He’s got a very tight body triangle to keep Mousasi from spinning free. That could be a 10-9 and a world championship for Lovato but it’s up to the judges to decide it now.

Final result: 47-47 even, 48-47 X2 for the majority winner and NEW champion Rafael Lovato Jr.

Melvin Manhoef vs. Kent Kauppinen

Kauppinen is 11-4 in the blue gloves and black trunks tonight. Manhoef is 30-14-1, 2 NC in the red gloves, dancing his way to the Bellator cage in his iconic PRIDE fighting shorts. Kauppinen fights out of Wiltshire, England. Manhoef fights out Amsterdam, Netherlands. The referee in charge is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: The two exchange a respectful tap of gloves two seconds in before the action really begins. Manhoef opens with a powerful leg kick as Kauppinen steps forward and back in his stance. Manhoef throws another kick then backs up to reset. Body kick from Manhoef. Kauppinen jabs to the head and the body. Manhoef misses with a high kick. Kauppinen hurts Manhoef with a right hand, but Manhoef recovers on the ground and springs back to his feet. Manhoef misses with a low kick. Kauppinen chases the right hand. Kauppinen tries to draw Manhoef to step forward him and he does by landing a HUGE right hand that knocks him down, and gets on top in half guard with short time left. Kauppinen gets to his feet before the bell and throws a big right that’s blocked. Of the power shots that landed clean I give the edge to Manhoef as he dropped Kauppinen to his knees. 10-9 Manhoef.

Round 2: Kauppinen immediately presses forward and throws a leg kick. Manhoef strikes with a right head kick and throws a knee to the body. Kauppinen was looking at the referee for some reason and Manhoef responded by putting Kauppinen on his back. Manhoef postures up for elbows but Kauppinen is able to get to his feet as the ref clears the cage as part of Manhoef’s trunks tore apart. Kauppinen lands a head kick. Manhoef looks a bit winded but still throws a spin kick. Kauppinen presses but misses as Manhoef ducks the right hand and takes Kauppinen down at 2:38. Manhoef goes body head with his ground and pound from full guard. The ref calls for more action and stands them up for a reset at 3:42. Manhoef misses with an uppercut. Kauppinen has some blood coming from above his eyebrow. 10-9 Manhoef.

Round 3: Kauppinen takes a hard kick to the body and leg as he moves forward on Manhoef. Kauppinen stings Manhoef with a couple leg kicks of his own. The left jab lands as well. Manhoef is presenting a straight target as Kauppinen moves forward, not shifting his head or body enough off the center line. The left hand lands again at 2:06. He tries to close at 2:33 but misses with the uppercut. Right hand to the body from Kauppinen. 90 seconds remain. Kauppinen misses again with an uppercut. He lands a two piece but the right hand was the biscuit that didn’t hit the plate as Manhoef ducked. 30 seconds. Body kick from Manhoef. Kauppinen throws some wild hooks late that don’t connect. 10-9 Kauppinen.

Final result: The judges all score the contest 29-28 for Melvin Manhoef by unanimous decision.

Aaron Chalmers vs. Fred Freeman

The 2-2 Freeman sports the navy trunks and blue gloves for tonight’s fight and fights out of Compton, California. Chalmers is 4-1 in the red gloves and wears black trunks, fighting out of Newcastle, England. The referee in charge is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: The two square off with no glove tap. Freeman circles on the outside and steps in for the first leg kick. Chalmers closes the distance swinging and puts Freeman on the cage. Freeman turns him around as they fight for underhooks. Essentially we’ve had a stalemate for almost two minutes now. Peterson shows no sign of breaking it up. Chalmers turns it around at 2:40 and comes over the top with a right elbow that hurts Freeman before they clinch again. Chalmers blocks a takedown attempt and winds up on top with 70 seconds left in half guard. He postures up to rain down rights as time ticks away. 10-9 Chalmers.

Round 2: Chalmers and Freeman open the round the body kicks before Chalmers gets the takedown to full guard at 14 seconds. He postures and blasts Freeman with his right elbow as he does so. Freeman is just hanging on trying to not let Chalmers raise up to drop hammers on him. The crowd isn’t too keen on the stalling by Freeman and Peterson responds by standing them up with 2:44 gone in the round. Freeman takes a wild shot and Chalmers easily sprawls to block it. Chalmers moves for a triangle choke and lets Freeman on top to cinch it up. Freeman taps and it’s all over.

Final result: Aaron Chalmers wins via submission (triangle choke) at 4:05 of round two.

Paul Daley vs. Erick Silva

Blue gloves and yellow trunks for Silva. Daley has on the red trunks and gloves. Silva is 20-10-1 and Daley is 40-17-2 on the tale of the tape. Despite their records Daley is only one year older than Silva at 36. Silva fights out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. “Semtex” fights out of Nottingham, England. The referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Daley connects with a kick to Silva’s left leg early. His right kick upstairs is checked. Silva inches backward and eats another leg kick before throwing his own. Silva makes him back up with a combo. He hits a right hand when Daley comes forward. Daley throws a body kick and resets. Silva trips Daley to the ground at 1:50. He’s putting some pretty good left hands on Daley’s face as he’s stuck against the fence. Silva follows that up by taking Daley’s back with the hooks in pummeling the body until Daley grabs a hold of his arms. 10-9 opening round for Silva.

Round 2: Daley lands a huge uppercut 17 seconds into the round after just missing with his infamous left hand. He follows it up with a spinning elbow flush at 39 seconds and it’s a miracle that Silva is still standing somehow. Daley tags him again at 1:05 and the crowd erupts. Silva shoots and is easily blocked. Silva throws haymakers but none find the chin. Daley misses with the uppercut but lands the left and gives chase. Body shot from Daley. Silva throws a knee. Two minutes gone. Daley sprawls to block a takedown and gets on top of Silva throwing HEAVY lefts and rights. Silva closes the distance to chest to chest and survives... barely. He hangs on for dear life but that was a huge 10-8 round for Daley.

Round 3: Silva now finds himself in the uncomfortable position of either winning the round and hoping for a draw or having to hit Daley harder than Daley hits him to get the finish. Daley shrugs off a clinch attempt at 1:15. The same amount of time later he lands another of his famed left hooks. It connects again at 2:44, and again, and AGAIN. How does Silva stay upright eating these power strikes? At least the one at 2:59 hit his shoulder, not his head. Silva telegraphs a takedown attempt and Daley blocks it easily then throws the right elbow pushing Silva away. Two more left hooks at 3:34. An uppercut follows. Another left at 3:47 for Daley. Silva gets rocked 5 seconds later. Flying knee for Daley but Silva tried to make it a takedown. It works. He’s on top with 44 seconds left. It’s not going to be enough. It’s not. Another 10-9 round for Daley after some acrobatic cartwheel kicks right at the end.

Final result: Paul Daley wins a 29-27 X3 unanimous decision.

James Gallagher vs. Jeremiah Labiano

Labiano is 12-6 in the blue gloves. Gallagher is 8-1 in the red gloves. Labiano has the black/green trunks and fights out of Hayward, California. Gallagher has the flag of Ireland on his trunks and fights out of Strabane. The referee is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: Gallagher lands the first good leg kick of the fight. He targets the left leg again. A third kick lands and a fourth finally misses. Labiano charges and Gallagher gets double underhooks and pushes him to the fence. He turns that into a takedown and easily transitions to side control. He’s not doing much from there but he’s the one in control. At least we’re getting a good look at the SLIM SOAK logo on his behind. Labiano moves him to full guard but Gallagher postures up and crushes him down to the ground. Roberts asks for a little more activity. 10-9 Strabanimal.

Round 2: It’s taking longer for the action to get going. Gallagher has what looks like a good takedown about halfway through this round. Labiano counters and looks to take the back. Gallagher throws upkicks, Labiano throws hammerfists, and he gets on top of Gallagher in closed guard. Labiano did just enough on top in the last two minutes to steal back the round and get a close 10-9 to tie up the fight at one round apiece.

Round 3: Gallagher goes for the quick takedown this time 30 seconds in. Labiano tries to roll and sweep at 1:17 but Gallagher keeps himself on top in three quarter guard. Left hands to the head from there. He moves up to full mount and mashes Labiano with a right elbow. Labiano gives up his back and rolls through on top at 2:44. They scoot backward to the fence. Gallagher has trapped an arm and Labiano can’t do anything.45 seconds left. Roberts warns them not to link their toes in the cage. Gallagher nearly turns it into a armbar submission but Labiano is saved by the bell. 10-9 Gallagher.

Final result: James Gallagher wins a 29-28 X3 unanimous decision.

Fabian Edwards vs. Jonathan Bosuku

Bosuku is 7-4 in the black trunks and blue gloves. Edwards is 7-0 in the black trunks with gray trim and red gloves. Bosuku fights out of Paris, France. Edwards fights out of Birmingham, England. The referee is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Bosuku opens with a leg kick but gets thrown across the cage at which point Edwards charged him for a flying knee. He couldn’t land it flush but he did hit an elbow on the exit. Edwards continues to fight on the outer circle until he steps forward for a head kick that’s flush. Bosuku tries to respond with a hook but it’s clear who landed with more power. Bosuku has a hard time finding the range with his hands. The announcers spend their time putting over Fabian’s brother Leon, who is a ranked UFC Welterweight. 10-9 Edwards.

Round 2: Edwards is pressing forward more this round and going to the body with his shots. Bosuku responds by forcing him to circle on the outside but Edwards is just as happy to hit leg kicks when he does. Mike Beltran’s mustache sways in the breeze of SSE’s air ventilation as Edwards head and hands sway to the rhythm of a song only he can hear. Bosuku throws a jab at the halfway point to try to break that rhythm. Edwards just keeps hitting the left hand when he moves forward. Crypt of the Assassin Fighter. Edwards keeps that left hand high near his chin, cocked and on lock. Bosuku misses with an overhand left. The crowd seems a bit restless. They’d like more exchanges or Edwards to land more. He answers with a head kick when he sees Bosuku’s hand drop from his chin. Another 10-9 for Edwards.

Round 3: It’s hard to imagine anything Bosuku can do now that he didn’t do in the first two rounds but he’s got five minutes to change my mind. 90 seconds gone. You wouldn’t be blamed if you thought you were watching a replay of the last round. It looks the same, it feels the same, and it makes me think I’ve been traveling the mycelial network. The crowd is openly booing at 2:30 because they’ve got deja vu too. Edwards finally hits Bosuku with a big shot that rocks him and Bosuku responds with a takedown. “His whiskers are strong because he got hit with a shin upside the head” quips John McCarthy. Edwards is back up with a minute to go. Bosuku shoots with 28 seconds to go and gets the single leg but it doesn’t change his fortunes or the fight. 10-9 Edwards.

Final result: Fabian Edwards wins a 30-27 X3 unanimous decision.

Mike Shipman vs. Costello van Steenis

Van Steenis enters first in blue gloves and black/white Venum trunks. Shipman has the blue trunks and red gloves. Van Steenis is 11-1 out of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Shipman is 13-1 out of London, England. The ref is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Shipman knocks Van Steenis down with a clubbing left to the head but he pops right back up so it may have been a backward slip. He goes for another left, a knee to the body and a takedown. Van Steenis gets right up and Shipman has his back standing. Shipman hits him in the face with rights as he turns around. There’s a scramble and Shipman goes for the ten finger guillotine then lets it go at 2:32. Van Steenis throws a high kick and shoots, finally tripping Shipman to the ground. Van Steenis lands a solid pair of elbows to the chin on top, passing to half guard with short time left. 10-9 Van Steenis.

Round 2: Clashing kicks at 0:22. Van Steenis with a body kick and a clinch. Shipman pushes him into the fence. Van Steenis rocks him with a pair of BIG right elbows and Beltran steps in at 1:34 as he’s dazed and not defending on the ground

Final result: Costello van Steenis via knockout at 1:34 of the second round.

Charlie Ward vs. Justin Moore

Ward is 6-3 in the red gloves. Moore is 7-3 in the blue. Ward is 38 and Moore is 34. “Everything else is virtually identical.” Moore sports black trunks and hails from Bournemouth, England. Ward has white trunks and fights out of Dublin, Ireland. The referee in charge is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: Ward takes the center and Moore swarms him. Ward hits a body shot and Moore pushes him into the cage. He takes Ward to the ground at 44 seconds. Ward is up at 1:11 and right back down again with Moore quickly passing to full mount. Ward tries to hang on as Moore looks to posture and hit him with rights. Ward gets back to his feet at 3:17. He’s going for a takedown of his own and has it at 3:42. Nothing happens there until they both stand at 4:45 and Moore gets one more takedown before the bell. 10-9 Moore.

Round 2: Moore gets a single leg at 43 seconds and takes the back with both hooks in. Ward escapes the first submission attempt but Moore is relentless in going for the beck. Ward reverses the position and gets on top at 2:03. Moore goes for a kimura but Ward pulls out at 2:55 and is eating left hands from behind. He’s got full mount at 3:22 and is raining down big hooks on both sides until the ref steps in to stop the fight.

Final result: Charlie Ward wins via technical knockout at 3:23 of the second round.

Walter Gahadza vs. Oliver Enkamp

Round 1: Unaired on the Bellator app. Shown later via social media.

Final result: Oliver Enkamp wins via rear naked choke at 4:52 of round one.

Denise Kielholtz vs. Bryony Tyrell

Round 1: Unaired on the Bellator app.

Final result: Denise Kielholtz wins via technical knockout at 2:48 of round three.

Chris Bungard vs. Charlie Leary

Bungard is 14-4 in the red gloves and white trunks out of Glasgow, Scotland. Leary is 15-10-1 in the blue gloves and white trunks out of Watford, England. The referee in charge of this fight is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: The two are in the fence almost immediately. It finally goes to the ground at 1:39 with Leary on top in half guard. He’s trying to grind the left elbow into Bungard’s face. He gets back up at 2:51. Bungard lands a spinning elbow and drops levels for a takedown at 3:15. Leary turns to his side and eats several right hands to the face. He’s back up at 3:40 and throws some haymakers. Bungard goes down and Leary is on top in half with under a minute to go in R1. Right hammerfists for Leary. Bungard gets him back to full guard. 10-9 opening round goes to Leary.

Round 2: Leary comes forward with lefts and right hooks. Bungard’s defense is his offense and he’s not generating enough. He sprawls to block a takedown but Leary is happy to stand and tag him repeatedly. Leary goes to the body then pushes Bungard into the cage. Leary throws him to the ground at 2:02 and passes to side control. Leary nearly gets a mounted crucifix. Bungard gives up his back and turtles. He gets up at 3:18. Leary plasters Bungard with a right and he dives for a takedown he can’t get in response. Leary backs away at 3:57 to force a standup. He’s stung by another right and dives again. Leary moves to take his back with short time left. He ends up on top in half doing damage. 10-8 Leary.

Round 3: Both men tap gloves to start. Bungard has a hematoma swelling on his forehead. He goes for a clinch and puts Leary on the fence. Leary turns him around and takes the back as he takes Bungard down, winding up on top looking for an arm triangle. Bungard escapes it but Leary’s still heavy on top in half. Bungard can only hang on at this point. Left hands tag the chin and rights hit the ribs. Leary moves to side control with lots of options open and half the round left. He’s going for the Americana for a moment then lets it go. Mounted crucifix for a moment. Bungard gets to his back throwing elbows from the bottom. Leary has North-South position with short time. 10-9 Leary.

Final result: Charlie Leary wins via unanimous decision of 30-25 X3.

(The preliminary card live broadcast ended without warning immediately after this decision was announced, leaving the Kielholtz and Gahadza fights unaired.)

Kate Jackson vs. Lena Ovchynnikova

Jackson is 10-3-1 in the red gloves. Ovchynnikova is 12-5 in the blue gloves. Ovchynnikova has the black trunks and top. Jackson has the diamond trunks and a black top. The referee is Kevin McDonald.

Round 1: Jackson takes one leg kick before clinching Ovchynnikova and taking her to the ground. She has side control at 24 seconds. Full mount at 44 seconds. Jackson postures up to throw elbows, looks to take the back, but Ovchynnikova escapes. Jackson takes the back in a scramble but Ovchynnikova stands up against the fence. Jackson with a leg trip takedown at 2:12. Jackson nearly gets a mounted crucifix. She ends up in full mount anyway at 2:40. Jackson is peeling Ovchynnikova away from her to throw the slicing right elbow. Ovchynnikova just wants to hang on and pray for a stand up. Several hard left elbows have busted Ovchynnikova open. Miner calls time to check the cut over her right eyebrow with the doctor. This fight is over.

Final result: Kate Jackson via technical knockout (doctor’s stoppage) at 4:20 in round one.

Terry Brazier vs. Alessandro Botti

Brazier is 10-2 in the red gloves and black trunks fighting out of London, England. Botti is 15-9 in the blue gloves and lime green trunks, fighting out of Borzano, Italy. The referee in charge is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Botti offers a cautious glove tap and is immediately pushed to the outer circle, where he eats a quick succession of hard right hands from Brazier. Brazier drops levels and completes a takedown at 35 seconds. Botti stands up quickly. Brazier drops down again but Botti manages to fend him off by using the fence. Brazier throws knees to the body then backs up for a hard left hand. Brazier continues to tag Botti with the right but Botti is responding in kind. Brazier’s advantage is the volume. He’s averaging 2-3 for every one Botti can land cleanly. Leg kick for Brazier. Body kick. Brazier hammers Botti when he slips to the ground. Botti gets up and Brazier takes him down again at 3:18. Botti tries and fails to grab a toe hold but gets back to his feet. Leg kick for Brazier. Body shots for Brazier and he’s chasing the power punches to the head. Right hook at 4:29 seems to sting Botti for at least a second. Leg kick makes him wince. Dominant round for Brazier who hurts Botti again several times with short time left. 10-8 Brazier. “The Outlaw” Dan Hardy is in his corner.

Round 2: Brazier charges forward, stance forward, and he’s loading up the right hand. Botti tags him with a forearm and is briefly stunned but Brazier responds by taking him down and getting a full mount. He loses it but spins to the back as Botti looks to stand back up. Brazier takes him down again and they’re in an awkward position with Brazier almost sitting on Botti’s face. Brazier is being warned not to grab the fence with his fingers. Brazier throws a nice shot and stands back up before another takedown at 2:43. Botti’s ribs are punished with right hands. Botti sweeps at 3:32. Botti takes the back at 3:58 but loses an armbar attempt and Brazier ends up on top. He backs away then stands over the top looking to drop a hard right down the pipe. Botti felt it. Brazier backs up at 4:48 then changes levels for another takedown. 10-9 Brazier.

Round 3: Botti catches a kick and is on top of Brazier against the fence 25 seconds in. Brazier goes for a kimura and gets the reversal from it. Reverse left elbows to Botti’s head. Left hands to the head as well before Brazier goes for the Americana and gets it.

Final result: Terry Brazier via submission (Americana) at 2:17 in round three.

Nathan Rose vs. Luke Ord

Nathan Rose is 7-1 in the red gloves and black trunks, fighting out of London, England. Luke Ord is 7-2-1 in the blue gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Durham, England. The referee in charge is Bryan Miner.

Round 1: Rose lands the first kick. He’s sharp with the right hand as well. Ord responds with kicks to the lead left leg. Rose circles on the outside as Ord works the kicks and his right hand. Rose keeps trying to rush in to close the distance. Ord shoots and is turned into the fence where Rose gets a takedown and nearly has a full mount. Ord tries and fails to sweep and Rose backs up to throw a body shot and kick standing. He stuffs a takedown and drops some big hammerfists on Ord. Ord sweeps on top at 3:22. He takes a full mount but Rose works him back to half guard. Ord is fishing for a kimura. He takes side control and moves up high to attack the arm. 20 seconds left. He tries to lock on a straight armbar but Rose is saved by the bell. 10-9 Rose.

Round 2: Rose stuffs a takedown and gets on top immediately. Ord fights hard to get up or sweep and is on his knees. Rose pushes him down at 1:17. Ord slowly and inexorably turns him over and gets side control for knees to the body. Left to the head. Ord mashes an elbow into his face before Rose tries to stand at 2:19. Ord is happy to take his back in response. He’s got both hooks in at 2:45. Rose rolls and Ord is on top with Rose face down. Rose turtles as Ord throws rights to the head. Full mount on top. Rose gets half guard back with 58 seconds left. 10-9 Ord.

Round 3: Ord goes for an immediate takedown, takes a couple of knees to the body, and Rose pushes him down to the ground and is on top. Ord is once again looking to sweep from there and Rose has to defend a kimura which lets Ord complete the reversal. Rose escapes but Ord takes his back in response. They roll and Ord is on top in half guard. Full mount at 1:58. Rose tries to scoot backward to the cage and recovers half. Ord moves to side. The action slows down as Rose sits up against the cage eating right hands. Ord takes the back with both hooks at 3:55. Rose goes face down again looking to survive the final 30 seconds. He does. 10-9 Ord.

Final result: Luke Ord via unanimous decision of 30-27, 29-28, 30-27.

Alfie Davis vs. George Kanella

Davis is 11-3 in the red gloves and black trunks, fighting out of London, England. Kanella is 8-7 in the blue gloves and white trunks, fighting out of London, England. The referee in charge of this fight is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Davis throws head kicks early and Kanella responds with overhand rights. Kanella continues to press forward hoping to close the distance between him and the taller/longer Davis. Davis lands a knee. Leg kick from Kanella. Spinning backfist for Davis. Another leg kick for Kanella. Davis teases a knee and pulls it back. Davis mixes up the hands and feet. Kanella trips Davis to the ground and kicks his legs. Davis gets back up at 3:35. Kick for Davis, right hook for Kanella. Kanella blocks the left hand but the right foot touches his head. Brief clinch at 4:25. Front kick for Davis. Left high kick. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2: Kanella opens R2 with a low inside leg kick. Davis throws his kick high. Kanella misses wide with a front kick. Outside leg kick for Kanella. Kanella backs off any time Davis teases a knee or a spin. He lunges at Davis at 1:35 and misses. Davis hurts Kanella with a spin kick low at 1:55. Kanella misses with the left hook. Davis lands a right hand. Right hook glances off Davis’ shoulder several times. Davis with a body kick. He seems to be able to aim his left leg at any target on Kanella he wants to hit. Kanella again misses wildly with a right hand. He checks a head kick from Davis. Left hook from Davis. Punch kick combo to end the round for another 10-9 to Davis.

Round 3: Kanella throws Davis to the ground at 25 seconds and has to avoid the upkicks as he works the legs. The referee stops the fight for a kick that moved the muay thai cup hard into Davis’ groin. Kanella gets a one point deduction before the restart. Davis throws the jump knee as Kanella keeps coming forward, and Davis rocks him with a shot as he charges in. Kanella recovers but Davis hits him with a spin kick to the head and avoids the takedown attempt off it. Left hook by Davis. Body kick by Davis. Right hand is blocked, left foot is not. Left jab. Another flying knee for Davis. Left kick high. 10-8 for a clean sweep for Davis.

Final result: Alfie Davis wins via unanimous decision of 29-27 X3.

Justin Burlinson vs. Wendle Lewis

Blue gloves for the 8-4 Lewis. Red gloves for the 4-0 Burlinson. Lewis has black trunks and fights out of London, England. Burlinson has green trunks and fights out of Sunderland, England. Our referee is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Both men are swinging haymakers immediately and Burlinson drops Lewis with HARD left hands. He throws one right hand on the ground before the referee steps in.

Final result: Justin Burlinson via verbal tapout at 0:09 of round one..

Galore Bofando vs. Keith McCabe

Bofando is 5-3 in the red gloves and black/red trunks, fighting out of Dagenham, England. McCabe is 3-3-1 in the blue gloves and green trunks, fighting out of Dublin, Ireland. The referee is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: McCabe quickly goes for a takedown but Bofando ends up on top and spins his way back to his feet. Bofando switches his stances and strikes, throwing jabs and front kicks. McCabe checks an overhand left and throws a right hook. Bofando leans forward and takes a left to the jaw. Bofando partially connects with a head kick. McCabe keeps trying to walk Bofando down as he throws a hard body shot. Uppercut from Bofando. Left jab. McCabe throws a right to the body. Bofando with a body kick and a high kick and a trip takedown at 3:28 before he stands back up to strike. McCabe tries to clinch for a knee. Leg kick Bofando. Right hook for McCabe. Bofando throws McCabe to the ground and backs away. 10-9 Bofando.

Round 2: McCabe keeps trying to walk Bofando down and dig in with the shots. Bofando blocks a takedown and throws the right hand. McCabe body shot. Bofando with a kick. Right uppercut for McCabe. Head kick for Bofando. Leg kick McCabe. Flying knee from Bofando backs McCabe up for a moment. McCabe shoots for a single leg at 2:35 but Bofando rolls right back to his feet again. Bofando works leg kicks. Another flying knee from Bofando. He throws it AGAIN. If that was Michael “Venom” Page throwing the knee this fight would’ve been over. Bofando kicks McCabe’s left knee. McCabe fails again to get a single leg at 4:32. Right hook by McCabe. Right book by Bofando. Left jab from same. It’s another 10-9 round for Bofando.

Round 3: Bofando lands two lefts as McCabe is coming forward and escapes another takedown attempt at 24 seconds. Bofando keeps tagging McCabe with the left and he telegraphs a shoot and misses Bofando completely. Bofando spins his way through a series of kicks. Jump knee. McCabe finally lands a right hand. Two minutes gone. McCabe’s face is turning red. He lands an uppercut and a left jab. McCabe comes forward with a combo and looks for some clinch work on the fence. Bofando escapes and lands a shot that hurts him. McCabe’s nose is leaking blood as a result. Bofando keeps testing it with his left hand. One minute to go. Head kick for Bofando. Left hook. Leg kick. Jab. Kick. Spin kick. Jab. McCabe keeps trying to walk him down for a big right hand but can’t get it. 10-9 Bofando.

Final result: Galore Bofando via unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27 X2.

Kevin Fryer vs. John Redmond

Fryer is 6-3 in the red gloves with blue/yellow trunks and fights out of Fleetwood, England. Redmond is 7-13 in the blue gloves and sports black trunks, fighting out of Dublin, Ireland. Keith Peterson is the ref.

Round 1: Glove tap. Fryer and Redmond circle around each other at the center before Fryer shoots for and gets a takedown at 36 seconds. The stream freezes at 1:09. The mobile app won’t load the title screen even after a restart. Perhaps high demand killed the stream.

Round 2: I finally managed to get it back with two minutes left in this round. Fryer just stood up from being on top of Redmond and is avoiding the upkicks. He jumps back on top to throw shots to the body and head. They stand up at 4:05. Fryer goes for a guillotine submission and can’t get it and Redmond winds up on top. They stand again just before the bell. Replay between rounds shows Fryer landing some good leg kicks. John McCarthy and Mike Goldberg say Fryer won both rounds 10-9.

Round 3: Redmond pushes Fryer into the fence and the action stalls there with them trading knees. You can see the bruising on Redmond’s left leg from all the hard kicks. Fryer turns him around at 2:48 with the underhooks. Redmond turns him right back and they jockey for dominant position. Redmond gets a takedown at 3:20. He spends the rest of the round looking for a submission with Fryer unable to buck him off. 10-9 Redmond.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28 Fryer, 29-28 Redmond, 29-28 Fryer by split decision.

Nathan Greyson vs. Frans Mlambo

Blue gloves and red trunks, 6-4, fighting out of Dublin, Ireland is Mlambo. Red gloves and black trunks, 6-3, fighting out of London, England is Greyson. The ref is Keith Peterson.

Round 1: Both men saunter slowly to the center and Mlambo throws the first kick. Greyson starts backing him up to the outer circle and Mlambo keeps throwing leg kicks. Greyson jumps on top of Mlambo and goes for a guillotine and Mlambo just calmly stands there and waits. He falls off at 1:49 but doesn’t let go of the headlock and climbs back up still hoping to sink it in. He falls off again at 2:41 and they trade body shots. Mlambo finally pops his head free. Knee to the body. Peterson appears to be warning them to get busier as the action has stalled on the fence. He finally breaks it up at 4:28 for the reset. Mlambo lands a big right hook that appeared to wobble Greyson before the bell. 10-9 Mlambo.

Round 2: Greyson gets a takedown at 59 seconds and Mlambo is sitting up on the fence when he lands. Greyson tries to take the back as Mlambo gets back up. He’s looking for a chance to secure a kimura. Mlambo gets a takedown of his own to side control. Greyson is trying to push off the cage with his feet. Mlambo looks for a front headlock or ten finger guillotine as Greyson thinks about standing up, then reconsiders and stays on his knees. Greyson finally gets up at 3:36. Mlambo drags him back to the ground 20 seconds later. Commentary reminds us Mlambo trains with SBG Ireland just before he secures the submission to a d’arce choke. Both men kneel and pray together.

Final result: Frans Mlambo via submission (d’arce choke) at 4:22 of round two.

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