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State-of-the-art UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas officially open for business


Just two years ago, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) upped its already-enormous presence in Las Vegas, Nevada when the UFC Performance Institute (UFCPI) opened for business (read more about it here).

Fast forward to 2019, and the promotion has once again unveiled a new state-of-the art facility not far from the UFCPI, as UFC APEX officially opened its doors earlier today (Tues., June 18, 2019).

The 134,000 square-foot production facility will be home to Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series (DWTNCS) — which premieres tonight — as well as various events and shows not exclusive to UFC.

With over 50,000 square-feet of production space, UFC APEX will allow the promotion to control all of the behind-the scenes action and production for events all around the world.

“UFC APEX is going to be a massive game changer for combat sports and for UFC,” said UFC President Dana White via a press release. “This facility gives us the flexibility to try new things and push the envelope on producing and distributing combat sports all over the world. We are limited only by my imagination,” he added.

“When you think of where we started and where we are now, it’s pretty incredible, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of how big this will become.”

The building will also have a sound stage, VIP suite, media lounge, locker rooms, production office and much more. White says the addition of the UFC APEX is a huge part of the promotion’s growth moving forward.

“We can basically do things anywhere in the world from here,” White said in an interview with Las Vegas Sun. “This place can run 24 hours a day. We can do a fight here at 8 in the morning, rip it apart and set it up for another fight at 11, set it up for another fight at 2, can do another fight at 5. We can produce content out of here live 365 days a year, 24 hours a day,” he added.

“This facility was a big piece that we’ve been waiting for. There’s a massive master plan for this whole area here that we will be building out over the next two to three years … Let me just say this, it’s ridiculous. It’s phenomenal what’s going to happen with this land right over here,” he concluded.

Check out some more photos of the facility below:

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