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Covington: UFC booking welterweight title fight in November — with or without Kamaru Usman

Even if you can’t stand the sight (or sound) of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight No. 1 contender, Colby Covington, it’s hard to argue against him when it comes to getting the next 170-pound title shot.

But aside from being the most deserving opponent, evidenced by six straight wins in the 170-pound shark tank, it’s time for reigning division champion, Kamaru Usman, to defend his title and keep the welterweight assembly line moving.

If not, then surrender the strap and make way for the next in line.

“Absolutely,” Covington told Helen Yee about stripping Usman. “November will be eight or nine months since he’s fought. How much more time does he need? He’s just pushing it back, pushing it back, trying to negotiate and not fight. He was never injured in the first place. He’s using Woodley tactics. He’s Woodley 2.0.”

Before Tyron Woodley lost the division title to Usman at UFC 235 back in March, “The Chosen One” was heavily criticized by the contending “welterwhiners” for holding up the division through questionable injuries and outside endeavors.

Covington believes we’re getting more of the same from Usman.

“I will be fighting for the world championship in the Garden,” Covington said. “I don’t know if it will be against him. It could be him, it could be my best friend, Jorge Masvidal, or it could be Ben Askren. Who knows what it’s going to be? But it will be for the undisputed championship in November.”

Masvidal and Askren are set to collide at UFC 239 next month in Las Vegas.

As for Usman, he underwent surgery for a double hernia after his Woodley win and promised to be back “in no time” ... then quickly changed gears and talked about moving his return date closer to the end of the year because his health comes first.

It’s unlikely the promotion will strip Usman or create yet another interim title, but if Askren or Masvidal are able to secure a highlight-reel finish and get some post-fight mic time, expect matchmakers to put Usman in a “shit or get off the pot” type of situation.

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