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Nick Diaz not a ‘piece of s—t’ like Conor McGregor, won’t be fighting celebrities

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) two-division champion, Conor McGregor, seems to be obsessed with fighting one of the promotion’s minority owners, Mark Wahlberg, in a battle for the Hollywood actor’s UFC shares.

Sure, the former 90’s rapper has never competed in combat sports and would likely get knocked out within a round, but it would undoubtedly generate millions of pay-per-view (PPV) buys because ... well, who doesn’t love a good freak show fight?

Nick Diaz!

“Why would you wanna fight someone who can't fight,” the M.I.A. welterweight wrote on Instagram (via Bloody Elbow). “What a piece off shit! Same as beating someone with handcuffs on.”

McGregor continued his campaign against Wahlberg after Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight inside the UFC Octagon. I’m not sure what kind of training facilities they have over at the church of Scientology, but my money is on the crazy dude.

As for “Notorious,” he’s riding the pine until later this year after suffering a hand injury in training. Not that a pristine mitt would have gotten him back inside the cage any sooner, but at least it gives him a valid excuse to wait for this to play out.

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