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Dana White and UFC are back to crapping on Cyborg again and now she’s fighting back

MMA: UFC 232-Cyborg vs Nunes Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

When Ronda Rousey was being marketed as the baddest woman in all of combat sports, including boxing, UFC President Dana White was doing everything in his power to discredit anyone with a legitimate claim to that imaginary title.

Like power-punching Strikeforce veteran, Cristiane Justino.

Unfortunately for White (and the rest of the naysayers), Rousey started losing while Justino kept winning, so the Las Vegas fight boss was forced to give “Cyborg” her due. But I guess it only took one loss to Amanda Nunes to reverse course.

“[Nunes] wants to fight Cyborg again,” White told the media at UFC 238. “I don’t think Cyborg wants to fight her again, but she wants Cyborg.”

Justino was not amused.

“If you believe I’m scared or don’t want a rematch, you’re probably also the same type of fan who believed Ronda Rousey wanted to fight [me] every time Dana White said it during an interview,” the Brazilian fired back. “Everyone knows I asked for the immediate rematch and was told no after waiting nine months for the first fight.”

I guess Nunes, who stopped Justino at UFC 232 last December, is already looking past Holly Holm ahead of their upcoming UFC 239 title fight in Las Vegas. Either way, Justino will be testing the free agent market after completing the final fight on her UFC contract.

Especially after being told that she holds no value.

“I was at home and watching the press conference and I cannot believe Dana White said that,” Justino told ESPN. “The opportunity is coming and I have the opportunity to see my value with other promoters. I think it’s cool to see that before you can hear anything that you don’t have value. Let’s see what another promoter has to say.”

Hello, Scott Coker.

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