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Daniel Cormier hits Sergio Mora over Canelo-Jacobs commentary, gets dragged in response

Cormier didn’t mince words when sharing what he thought of Mora’s mic work, and Mora’s response was just as savage.

MMA: UFC 230 - Cormier vs Lewis Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez took Daniel Jacobs’ IBF middleweight belt, adding it to his collection alongside the WBA and WBC straps (watch the highlights here). It was a clear win for Canelo but by no means one sided. Jacobs made him work hard for the win, which was reflected in the judges’ 115-113, 115-113, 116-112 scores.

It wasn’t reflected, however, by the DAZN commentary team of Brian Kenny and Sergio Mora. They buttered Alvarez up endlessly, creating a false narrative of Canelo dominating Jacobs from start to finish. More than a few boxing fans mentioned the biased commentary on social media, including our own UFC heavyweight champ, Daniel Cormier.

”Brian Kenny and Sergio Mora really suck!” Cormier wrote. “Canelo won but Danny fought a good fight man wtf they ruined the fight.”

And while he didn’t @ anybody (because don’t do that, it’s rude), word still got back to Mora. A former WBC light middleweight champion himself, Mora fought back with his own tweet.

”Sorry you thought I sucked champ,” he replied. “I think your striking sucks. Let me work with you so Jon Jones doesn’t kick your ass for a third straight time.”

Because Cormier is a true competitor who can’t help but reply...

”Pretty good Serg so let me retweet so that people actually see it,” DC wrote. “You have 10k followers. We can’t waste good material can we? You sure didn’t have any last night during the fight.”

He also replied to some spicy fan reaction pointing out his own biased commentary in the past.

What a time to be alive, where we get to be having these elevated interactions between fans and sportsman ‘round the world.

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