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UFC Fight Night 151 results: Derek Brunson defeats Elias Theodorou

Derek Brunson and Elias Theodorou faced each other in the most middleweight clash imaginable tonight (Saturday, May 4, 2019) inside the Canadian Tire Center in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada, only on ESPN+.

Theodorou started with his bevy of kicks, including some slow but fluid spins that didn’t connect. Brunson grabbed hold of Theodorou, but Elias landed knees and an uppercut before breaking away. Brunson grabbed hold of Theodorou again and managed to drag him down, getting full mount immediately. Theodorou stood and nearly got free, before Brunson dragged him down straight into a rear-naked hcoke attempt. Theodorou managed to get free of that attempt, and Brunson looked for another attempt before managing to use the cage to slip free and get back to his feet. Theodorou was breathing heavily, and Brunson tried for another takedown. He didn’t get it, and eventually they broke apart. Theodorou landed a heavy kick; Brunson tried to drag him down again, without success. Theodorou was circling and running away from Brunson on the cage. Brunson patiently looked to walk down the Canadian, but was eating heavy leg kicks. Theodorou spun his way into an entry of sorts, then exited out. He stepped in looking for heavy punches and Elias dropped for a takedown. Brunson severely outgunned Theodorou in the power department, but didn’t seem to realize it as much as Elias did.

Brunson was eating kicks again in the second, while Brunson looked for his entries into the wrestling. Theodorou held him off and Brunson broke away, just missing a big swing from Elias. They traded body kicks, and Brunson checked a leg kick. Elias threw up a couple kicks that barely reached Brunson’s arms. The crowd began booing the lack of action. Brunson landed a leg kick. Theodorou turned and jogged away, before leaping off the cage to land... a leg kick. Brunson ate a push kick and tried a jab to the body. Neither fighter looked as though they had any clear idea what they were doing on the feet. Brunson landed a body kick. Elias caught a kick and missed a spinning elbow. Brunson landed a kick-punch combination. Brunson countered one of those balletic spins with a hard left hook. Elias kicked and moved some more, Brunson tried a high knee that seemed to connect. Brunson pushed Elias against the cage. They traded kicks as the crowd became very restless. Whose idea was it to put this in the co-main event?

My internet was unable to take any more of this fight, so the third round I missed, but Brunson defeated Theodorou via unanimous decision.

Results: Derek Brunson def. Elias Theodorou via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2)

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