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UFC Fight Night 151 results: Shane Burgos edges out Cub Swanson in thriller

Veritable action heroes Cub Swanson and Shane Burgos faced each other in a featherweight clash tonight (Saturday, May 4, 2019) inside the Canadian Tire Center in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada, only on ESPN+.

They touched gloves. Swanson opened with a lead leg side kick to the knee. Burgos walked towards him, and Cub unloaded with a hard left-right combination, then a body kick. Burgos looked to counter Cub, answering Cub’s kicks with leg kicks of his own. Swanson was using that dipping jab. Burgos countered with an uppercut. He looked massive compared to Swanson. Cub landed to the body, and Burgos countered him with tight combinations. Jab by Burgos, then a body hook. Swanson landed a lead hook and Burgos blocked the follow-up. Burgos landed another jab, and when Cub stepped in, a body-head hook combination. Swanson avoided a flicking jab. Three jabs by Swanson, then a left high kick. Burgos ate two right hands from Cub, then avoided a spinning back kick. Cub landed a lead hook and a kick; Burgos was sneaking shots in while Cub was throwing. Burgos looked to counter a hook with a hook, and landed another couple leg kicks. Swanson feinted, avoided a hook, and blocked a right straight as the round ended.

The second round started fast, Cub looking to keep a jab and kicks in Burgos’ face. He cracked Burgos with a right hand. Burgos stayed in Cub’s face, ate a big right hand and came back with short hooks. Swanson leapt into the air with a switch kick that landed. Burgos flicked a jab out and looked to walk Cub down. Burgos landed a one-two. They traded jabs. Burgos ate several punches from Swanson and came back with a left straight. Burgos landed an uppercut. Swanson was landing with heavy blows. Burgos countered a hook with a right hand, ate a leg kick and landed a body kick. Swanson ate a long right hand, then a jab. Burgos’ best work was built off that jab. Swanson stepped in with big punches that snapped Burgos’ head around a little, though they didn’t seem to faze him. Burgos landed a leg kick. Swanson got to an angle and landed a hook. They traded straight punches in the pocket. Burgos countered a leg kick with a right hand. Swanson shelled up against the cage and Shane unloaded with five or six punches. Swanson was landing his long, looping punches but eating Burgos’ quick counters as the round ended.

Swanson Swanson came out aggressive after his corner told him, rightly or wrongly, that he was down two rounds. Burgos jabbed and Swanson came in with his long right hands. They were whipping punches in on each other, too fast to keep up with. Swanson shot in, got Burgos’ back standing and landed knees to the back of Burgos’ legs. Burgos threw back-elbows at Swanson as Cub kept him on his hands and knees. Burgos shook his head and kept punching and elbowing back at Cub. Swanson kept the bodylock and eventually broke away. Burgos landed a one-two. Cub jabbed and just missed a counter hook from Burgos. Cub ate a front kick, then a lead hook. Burgos kicked at Cub’s legs, landed a couple heavy hooks and ate a couple heavy hooks in return. He waved Swanson on as the crowd cheered. Burgos was landing kicks and punches. Swanson caught a kick, then a combination from Burgos, who punched him standing on one leg. Swanson had enough and shot in, but couldn’t get the takedown. Burgos kept up the assault launched a flying knee attempt as the clock wore down. Great finish for Burgos, and a cracking fight.

The decision went Shane’s way, with Burgos saying afterwards that he thought it should have been a unanimous decision, saying afterwards that he owed his daughters some time. It was a very close fight, with the scorecards understandably all over the place.

Results: Shane Burgos def. Cub Swanson via split decision (28-27, 30-27, 27-30)

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