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Midnight Mania! Stallone on whether McGregor deserves UFC ownership: ‘absolutely’

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TMZ caught up with Sylvester Stallone, as they do, and among questions about the Canelo vs. Jacbos boxing match, they asked him if he believes Conor McGregor deserves equity in the UFC. Stallone’s response was simple.


Will you give him a piece of yours?

Of course.

He also proceeded to say that he’s got an extra room in his house, apparently extending an offer of hospitality to the Irishman. Stallone is one of many celebrity owners of a slice of the UFC, along with Tyler Perry, Mark Wahlberg, and Maria Sharapova.

It isn’t clear why McGregor hasn’t obtained equity in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Mark Wahlberg was asked in a similar TMZ-style interview if he would sell McGregor his shares, and he said of course he would. McGregor has, instead, offered to fight Wahlberg for the shares, and Conan O’Brien too for that matter. Dana White has been very dismissive of McGregor’s desire for equity, which has been his goal since his win over Eddie Alvarez way back at UFC 205. It may be that the UFC’s parent company, WME, do not want to sell ownership to him, and set a precedent for fighter ownership. It may be that McGregor is not as serious about ownership persay, and wants it specifically as compensation for future bouts. If all he wants is ownership, it sounds like Stallone is more than willing to sell him a share.


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