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Nick Newell calls for UFC shot after first round submission win at CES 56


Congenital amputee Nick Newell was back in action for the first time in almost a year, taking on Antonio Castillo Jr. at CES 56 in Hartford, Connecticut. The fight didn’t last long, with Newell locking up the rear naked choke just 2:06 into the first round for his 15th career win.

The victory was nice but would have been sweeter if Castillo Jr. wasn’t a late replacement with a journeyman’s 10-12 record. Newell was originally supposed to face the 17-5 Kalvin “Hot Boy” Hackney in a fight that would have done a lot more to bolster Newell’s resume.

That didn’t stop Newell from voicing his desire to move up from the minors into the UFC.

”I’ve been grinding for 19 years, I’ve been fighting professionally for 10 years,” Newell said during the post-fight interview. “I’m 15-2, I—what the f**k are you thinking, UFC? Let’s make this happen!”

It’s going to be tough for Newell to convince the UFC to sign him. UFC president Dana White has been pretty vocal about not signing him on account of the dangers of MMA and Newell missing half of one arm and all. But he did give Newell a shot at getting in via his Tuesday Night Contender Series back in July of 2018. Unfortunately, Newell lost that fight via decision to Alex Munoz.

There was even a connection to the UFC on this card - CES 56 aired on UFC Fight Pass. So who knows, maybe Newell may end up getting the call he’s been waiting for so long. Or at least another shot on the Contender Series?

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