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Midnight Mania! Andrea Lee’s estranged husband jailed after 9 months on the run

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC featherweight fighter Andrea Lee’s husband, Donny Aaron, was jailed Wednesday after 9 months on the run, according to He bonded out the same day, according to a Shreveport Louisiana jail spokesperson.

Aaron was wanted on charges of domestic violence and false imprisonment after allegedly burning Andrea with a cigarette and physically assaulting her. Lee suffered minor injuries as a result of the incident. Details of the account come from Lee’s friend and roommate Andy Nguyen, a professional fighter herself. Lee has requested privacy and says she has moved on with her life and career.

Prior to that, Aaron had created controversy when photographs from social media were examined and Aaron was found to have multiple Nazi tattoos, including a swastika. He had apparently acquired the tattoos in prison. Formerly a police officer, Aaron had done time on negligent homicide charges for shooting an unarmed black man to death outside his home. He said he suspected the man of casing his house for a robbery. He also had been arrested on aggravated assault charges to an ex girlfriend.


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