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Cut Elias Theodorou looking to grow as a prize fighter because ‘entertainment outweighs victory’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) released Elias Theodorou last week, which came as a surprise to some members of the mixed martial arts (MMA) community — like Joe Rogan — because “The Spartan” was ranked in the Top 15 and sported an Octagon record of 8-3.

While only the promotion can say for certain what led to its decision, I’m sure it didn’t help that Theodorou went to the scorecards in his last eight fights. After all, this is prize fighting and not really a sport, so wins and losses are not valued as highly as JUST BLEED! entertainment.

“For some time I prided myself at being an unorthodox fighter able to outsmart his opponent in a form of competition,” Theodorou wrote on Twitter. “I can see now to many, the ‘entertainment’ of violence outweighs victory. Looking to take the time and grow not only as a martial artist, but a prize fighter.”

UFC never cuts guys who WAR!

Theodorou, who also captured the glass trophy on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): “Nations,” will no doubt be a welcome addition to competing promotions, like Bellator MMA and ONE Championship, when he’s not busy serving as a ring-card boy.

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