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Midnight Mania! Juan Adams says the people don’t want to see ‘pathetic’ Greg Hardy

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC heavyweight Juan Adams is very open about how he feels about Greg Hardy. He hates him. That said, his hatred doesn’t mean he isn’t having fun (via

My social media is all about hating on Greg Hardy – because I hate him,” Adams told MMA Junkie ahead of UFC on ESPN+ 9. “Talking about people I don’t like and I do my poop stories (on social media). I got a high demand for those after the fight, and I do what I do day-to-day. I’m having fun.

Adams’ assessment of Hardy’s abilities was scathing. In his estimation, the people have spoken, and they aren’t in favor of having a once-convicted domestic abuser (the charges were dropped and his record expunged on appeal when the accuser did not show up to court) pushed on them- especially when Hardy isn’t even a good fighter.

“Pathetic. It was just ridiculous. It looked like the guy was scared to do anything. I’m not going to say much, but I think it’s ridiculous how they’re trying to push such a poor product on people. The people have spoken like, ‘We don’t want to see that crap. It’s not a good fight, he’s not a good fighter.’ He’s had cans his entire career. The most legit opponent he’s fought was Allen Crowder. Like, c’mon. He’s no world beater.

Every point in his career, he’s taken the easiest fight available. Every point in my career I’ve taken the best guy available, who the best guy was that’s going to come at me. It shows when we fight. I fight guys on my level on paper that are supposed to be better than me, and I still come out on top. He fights a guy that’s another up-and-comer and gets DQ’d because he’s scared he’s going to lose right away.”

Hardy was roundly booed by the Fort Lauderdale crowd after his win over Dmitrii Smoliakov, whose record afterwards Dana White scoffed at, while simultaneously maintaining with a straight face that the UFC don’t do setup fights. For some reason, White seems convinced that fans should both cut Hardy some slack for inexperience, and also appreciate having him in the co-main event.

The Houston-based Adams, whose nickname is ‘the Kraken’, faces Arjan Bhullar this weekend. Bhullar represented Canada internationally in freestyle wrestling. Adams is 5-0, while Bhullar is 8-1, and 2-1 in the UFC. Adams is angling to fight Hardy next, win or lose.

He fights the winner or loser of this fight, I think me and Arjan both mop the floor with him.


I would be very surprised if Ben Askren beat Jordan Burroughs in wrestling. Askren has nothing to lose and everything to gain, while Burroughs clearly had to decide whether this was worth his time.

I can say from experience that the first three days are going to suck

There is something happening here. What is is, ain’t exactly clear. (It is Merab Dvalishvili dancing after finding out he got a UFC contract)

Urijah Faber appreciates excellence in all forms, which I can appreciate.

The ESPN deal cost Daniel Cormier his Brock Lesnar fight.

When my girl saw this, she proceeded to demonstrate the same technique on her dog, except in no gi.

You have to love a good prank

An Antifa dude put down an alt-right dude in Portland

Slips, Rips, Muay Thai clips

Muay Thai is metal

Some brutal sweeps here

How does this fight manage to be funnier than Perry vs. Oliveira??

This was slick though

Random Land

I do hate gratuitous slow motion, and I love gigantic eagles.

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