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Colby Covington: Nate Diaz and Anthony Pettis are ‘past their time’ and are on the ‘doughboy diet’

MMA: UFC 225-Dos Anjos vs Covington Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

At UFC 235 earlier this year, Colby Covington had a brief run-in with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bad boy Nate Diaz, as “Chaos” revealed the Stockton slugger flipped him the bird and cursed him out for no apparent reason.

And Covington is still holding a grudge.

During a recent interview with, Colby unloaded on Nate, calling him out for being two-faced depending on when and where the cameras are.

“Nate Diaz, his energy, he’s not the same guy as on cameras as he is off the camera,” Covington said. “I’ve seen him off camera, he’s all, ‘Colby, hey bro, much respect. You’re so tough, man.’ This and that, but on camera, he tries flipping me off. He tries to act like a hard ass.”

“So, he doesn’t want any of this. Deep down inside he knows he has no chance against me. He got mopped up by Dong Hyun Kim. I retired Dong Hyun Kim. He got mopped up by RDA. I beat fucking the living brakes off RDA, left him for dead. Nate Diaz is a little b***h. He knows who runs the West Coast. That’s Colby “Chaos” Covington.”

Covington then took it upon himself to dissect the upcoming showdown between Nate and Anthony Pettis, slated to go down at UFC 241 in a couple of months. In Colby’s view, both Nate and Anthony are just two fighters out of their prime who can no longer make the Lightweight limit.

“Two lightweights coming up to welterweight because they’re on these doughboy diets,” he said, “They can’t make their limit of 155 anymore. It’s an exciting matchup for the fans. It’s two guys that are way past their time that are just going to come in slobber knocker and we’ll see what happens. Who is going to get their hand raised. No one knows. Is it going to be Pettis? Is it going to be Diaz?”

Still, Colby says neither of the two men are good enough to make a run for the 170-pound strap.

“I don’t think either one of them wants to come fight for a title at welterweight,” he added. “These are guys that are at the top of the division that are in their prime right now are good everywhere. They can fight. They’re not just strikers, they’re not just wrestlers. They’re not just jiu jitsu guys. They can do it all,” said Colby of the current 170-pound landscape.

Colby, however, will be fighting for the title as he is in line to face division champion Kamaru Usman later this year.

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