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Happy Memorial Day from!

Open thread and discussion! Talk about whatever you want, just keep it PG-13!

Street Style In Barcelona Photo by Miquel Benitez/Getty Images

I’ve been doing these Memorial Day open thread posts for well over a decade now (proof) and I usually have something of merit to offer in terms of “what this day means.” I’m not sure what else I can add at this point, as I think we all know that a lot of people died under the guise of war and well, it just plain sucks.

You know what else sucks? Standing over the USS Arizona at the Pearl Harbor memorial while a group of bratty teens is taking selfies and shouting “YOLOOOOOOO.” I don’t know if that whole Noah’s Ark thing really happened or not, but if it did, I can understand why God would look down and be like, “Yeah, I need to start over.”

Speaking of Noah’s Ark, those lunatics in Kentucky who built a life-size replica recently filed suit because the vessel suffered nearly $1 million in flood damage. Fucking flood damage! You can slice the irony with a knife.

Anyway, let me get back on track and wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day, whatever that means to you. If it means ballgames and barbecues, then pour a little sauce out for the fallen heroes. If it means car sales and furniture deals, take some of the savings and give it to a VFW. Do something, the bare minimum, even if it’s a moment of quiet reflection.

We owe them at least that.

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