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Beautiful disaster: Original ‘UFC 1’ now uploaded to YouTube in all its chaotic glory

Having gone back and rewatched the original UFC 1 event, using 2019 eyes, I couldn’t help but laugh at how awful most of the fighters were. But then again, fighting itself tends to be pretty awful because how many people do it on a regular basis?

Especially back in 1993?

It’s like roller (or ice) skating. Most of us don’t go skating on a regular basis so if we take our kids to the rink, we look like someone from Mortal Kombat II when they stepped on that frozen puddle laid forth by Sub Zero.

Anyway, UFC 1 gave the world Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, as well as Ken Shamrock, a feud that would be resurrected under the Bellator MMA banner more than 20 years later. As silly as it looked, the promotion’s inaugural event was enough of a success to spawn a second, then a third, then a shitty deal on ESPN+.

Happy viewing!

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