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UFC just released the full ‘Judgement Day’ PPV event featuring Vitor Belfort’s violent debut (Video)

In case you have two-plus hours to kill, or if you’d like to see what mixed martial arts (MMA) was like back in the nineties, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) recently released the complete “Judgment Day” pay-per-view (PPV) event, which took place on Feb. 7, 1997 inside Dothan Civic Center in Dothan, Alabama.

That’s a far cry from Buffalo, New York, where the fight card was originally expected to take place. Unfortunately for all parties involved, legislators forced the promotion to take its traveling circus elsewhere, and with mere hours before the first punch was to be thrown, the entire operation was shipped across the country.

It was kind of like when UFC 232 was moved from Las Vegas to Inglewood, except everyone still got to take steroids regardless of the venue change. I mean, not to be that guy, but look how fucking jacked Mark Coleman is for the heavyweight main event.

And there’s the first Octagon appearance from baby Vitor!

Anyway, UFC did a special piece on “Judgment Day” as part of its “25 Years in Short” documentary series. Check it out, it’s a fun watch.

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