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Thicc Darren Till triumphantly returns to social media: ‘F—k what you think’

In unrelated news, “swole” was recently added to the dictionary.

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Fuck what you think

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Not long after removing himself from social media, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight title contender, Darren Till, has returned to Instagram with a sweaty, shirtless video that tells you exactly where his head is at.

“Fuck what you think.”

And here I was thinking nice thoughts, but okay Mr. Grumpy Pants, have it your way.

It’s been a rough couple of months for the Liverpool native. Not only was he finished in back-to-back fights, “The Gorilla” also ran into legal trouble in the Canary islands, which cost him and his cronies a pretty penny.

That said, Till (17-2-1) is still just 26 years old and may not even be in his fighting prime (or natural weight class), so it’s probably a bit premature to write him off, at least in terms of his championship aspirations.

As far as that other stuff, he won’t be the first — and certainly won’t be the last — top-ranked fighter to have his personal and professional life play out in the public eye. And I think the sooner Till gets back into training camp and regains his focus, the better for all parties involved.

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