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Anthony Pettis and Jorge Masvidal set for ‘jiu-jitsu superfight’ on June 15th

Pettis and Masvidal will grapple for a streaming pay-per-view event just weeks before Masvidal takes on Ben Askren at UFC 239.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Nashville-Thompson vs Pettis Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

After shocking the world with his knockout win over Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, Anthony Pettis will be taking on yet another welterweight opponent - it just won’t be in the UFC. Pettis will face off against Jorge Masvidal on June 15th for a ‘jiu-jitsu superfight’ under the DT Promotions banner. According to ESPN, the event will also feature Yoel Romero and the ‘first fight’ of an Instagram celebrity known as Supreme Patty.

All this will be streamed over the internet for an unspecified amount of money through a website called A portion of the money raised will also go to the Bully Proof Foundation, which organizes school events, seminars, and private help for children being bullied. With their website currently parked by GoDaddy, they clearly need the funds!

For those wondering if this is legit, shame on you. Ariel Helwani ain’t no fool. Jorge Masvidal and Yoel Romero also retweeted the event announcement, so it seems like they’re actually on board with all this. Even Supreme Patty seems to be taking this pretty seriously.

Both Pettis and Masvidal are scheduled for big UFC fights in the coming months. Anthony Pettis will face off against Nate Diaz at UFC 241 on August 17th, while Masvidal is facing Ben Askren at UFC 239 on July 6th. That’s just a few weeks after this June event, which makes us wonder how the UFC decides when they’re going to be hard-asses about their fighters doing extra-curricular stuff like this.

They certainly seem to have mellowed out in recent years ... maybe with all the regular acts of God inflicted upon the sport, Dana White has decided to just say f**k it and let the ACLs and MCLs of his fighters snap wherever they may. Not that we want to discourage that mindset. We’re still not sure what the hell this DT Promotions event is all about, but we’re definitely intrigued.

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