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Watch Deontay Wilder’s brutal KO of Dominic Breazeale from every angle

Wilder’s knockout of Breazeale was a work of art, so make sure you enjoy all the crazy footage of the finish floating around the internet.

Boxing: Wilder vs Breazeale Sarah Stier-USA TODAY Sports

Deontay Wilder has done it again.

The “Bronze Bomber” was back in action on Saturday night, taking on mandatory WBC heavyweight title challenger Dominic Breazeale at the Barclays Center in New York City. And while it wasn’t the Tyson Fury rematch or Anthony Joshua dream fight we all wanted, Wilder sure gave us something to talk about with his brutal first round KO of Breazeale.

The fight lasted just two minutes and seventeen seconds, ending with a single power shot that echoed through the arena on contact and dropped Breazeale flat to the canvas. And while he managed to stagger to his feet before the ref could complete a ten count, the fight was still waved off ... and mercifully so.

You may have already seen the knockout — hell, we’ve watched it a couple hundred times already — but have you seen it from all the different angles? If you weren’t tuned into Showtime to catch the fight live, we’d say you probably missed a version or two. And if you were watching on TV, Twitter has some extra footage worth checking out too. Let’s appreciate Wilder’s work from every possible vantage!

Here’s the normal full speed version as broadcast on fight night:

And here’s the slow motion view of Wilder cracking Breazeale and Breazeale falling like a sack of potatoes.

Want an eagle eye view of the finish? Here’s a top down shot that makes us marvel at Breazeale’s ability to get back to his feet. Dude was splayed out!

I’m usually not one for cell phone footage of fights, but check out this super stable video shot by someone just outside the ropes. Praise the cameraman!

And finally, here’s one more slow motion angle of an early power punch and then the finishing blow:

Photos really help capture the moment as well.

This puts Deontay Wilder at 41-0-1 with 40 wins by knockout. And yes, a whole bunch of them are just as devastating as what we just witnessed on Saturday night. Leading up to the fight, Premier Boxing put together a nice highlight featuring some of Wilder’s best.

Let’s zoom in a little. Wilder is now 4 for 4 when it comes to highlight reel knockouts at the Barclays Center. Here’s those four:

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