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Conor McGregor trolls ‘greatest featherweight’ Jose Aldo after UFC 237 loss

Did Conor McGregor take a cheap shot at Jose Aldo after the Brazilian’s loss to Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 237? Of course he did.

It wasn’t a great night for Jose Aldo at UFC 237 in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian featherweight came into the event with a lot of momentum, having knocked out his last two tough opponents. But on Saturday night he seemed a bit tentative, and that was all it took for pro rugby player turned fighter Alexander Volkanovski to run away with the fight, outworking Aldo for a 30-27 decision.

It wasn’t a particularly bad loss. Aldo didn’t take any real damage and looked dangerous when he did fire off. He just couldn’t match Volkanovski’s pace. That didn’t stop longtime Aldo rival Conor McGregor from getting on Twitter and being a real dick about it, though.

Take a look at the since-deleted tweet:


McGregor is getting pretty Jon Jones-esque in his tweet deleting. We wouldn’t want to take attention away from all the endless Proper 12 whiskey promotion, after all. Even his positive social media comments regarding UFC 237 were deleted. Here’s what he wrote in response to a Dillon Danis tweeting that BJ Penn should retire (something we firmly agree with, by the way):


But most of the stuff McGregor deletes is pretty trashy. There was that post about all the ‘dirty smelly rats’ competing at UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi. And then there was this gem that he tweeted and deleted about Max Holloway that Max just caught and threw back in Conor’s face:

What do you think, Maniacs? Does someone need to snatch Conor McGregor’s phone away and smash it?

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