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Midnight Mania! Watch ‘Tombstone’ talk trash to Jack Swagger at face-off

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Jack Swagger (real name Jake Hager) is matched up in his second pro match with T.J. Jones, a beef plant worker who looks decidedly less beefy than Hager. Jones’ nickname is “Tombstone,” and he is thoroughly enjoying the pre-fight buildup, as evidenced by his grin at weigh-ins and his jawing at Hager during the staredown. He could be heard to shout at Hager as they broke away.

It doesn’t matter!

Bellator 221 is headlined by lightweight champion Michael Chandler in a “super” fight against featherweight champ Patricio ‘Pitbull’ Friere, who is looking for vengeance after Chandler knocked his older brother Patricky out cold. The card also features Michael ‘Venom’ Page in what is by far the highest-level fight of his career, as he faces 30-7 Douglas Lima. The winner will advance in Bellator’s welterweight tournament.


Someone had to do it.

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@bellatormma ‍♂️ jack vs jack

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I saw all the brother-on-brother violence I needed to see in “Warrior,” with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton. I don’t need to see it in real life.

This is a genuinely great fight, though:

I’m still upset Thor didn’t lay waste to Thanos here:

Donald Cerrone is a beast for taking a fight a month after a war, but Tony Ferguson is also taking yet another non-title fight when by all rights he could wait for a title fight ... and that shouldn’t be ignored.

Combat sports this weekend:

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Rodtang of destruction!

This elbow is gorgeous:

I love this setup:

Punching out of the clinch:

It doesn’t even make sense to toss dudes like this because they can get back up, but it is awesome anyway:

Random Land

This wolfdog missed his calling to play Arya’s wolf in Game of Thrones.

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A bad dog owner dumped this wolfdog at a kill shelter when he got too big and too much to handle. Luckily a sanctuary took him instead and saved his life! His DNA testing came back as 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, and 3.9 % German Shepherd Video by @brit_allen_ The strength, incredible instincts, sharp intelligence, and social abilities of the wolf is what has made them one of the most respected animals in the world. The stunning animal has been featured in legends, books, movies, paintings and other products of culture for centuries which slowly taught us to appreciate them even more. So it’s understandable that people wanted to take a bit of that wilderness home. With the idea of combining the best of both worlds, people created a wolfdog. Wolfdog is basically a mixture of wolf and domestic dog, both of which are members of same Canis species. You probably wouldn’t think twice about his descent when meeting Yuki, and no wonder why. Yuki is one of the highest content wolfdogs at the sanctuary where he is currently staying. Most wolves shy away from people and are not aggressive toward them by nature, but with wolfdogs – it’s always a one-of-kind case. Wolfdogs are a mixture of traits, which results in less predictable behavior patterns compared to either the wolf or dog. So with adopting these breeds come unique challenges that people are not often aware of. Especially when purchased as a puppy, it’s impossible to predict how much wolf will be in an animal. #Destination_Wild via @wildlifeplanet Follow @destination_wild for more! Tag someone that should see this!

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