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Conor McGregor teases jump to WWE following Becky Lynch victory at WrestleMania

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) held its annual WrestleMania show on Sunday (April 7, 2019) inside MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey, where it was a pretty rough night for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) imports Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey.

Lesnar came up empty in his title fight against Seth Rollins (video), which clears the way for his mixed martial arts (MMA) return this summer against Daniel Cormier. As for Rousey, she was bested by Becky Lynch (replay), the Irish wrestling sensation who gets her fair share of Twitter love from Conor McGregor.

Maybe we’ll see these two in a mixed tag-team match somewhere down the line?

“Congrats to Ireland’s Becky Lynch, the WWE’s first Champ Champ,” McGregor wrote on social media. “What a match these ladies put on! Ronda Rousey is something special in that ring, as is Charlotte Flair of the Flair dynasty! Stephanie McMahon you are right, I could not do what these athletes do. Or could I...”

He probably could, but perhaps not as well as Mayweather.

While he may sound supportive of the WWE Universe, there was a time in the not-too-distant past when McGregor was shitting all over the guys and gals in professional wrestling, referring to them as a bunch of “messed-up pussies.”

“Notorious” already has the support of the WWE brass, who believe there is a spot for McGregor in WWE, regardless of his size. It helps that Lesnar and Rousey have made crossing over to sports entertainment acceptable (kinda-sorta) among combat sports fans.

Just watch out for those rubber mallets.

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