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Post-fight pics of Lobov and Knight prove Bare Knuckle FC is no joke

Bare Knuckle FC 5 was a night of bloody fists and faces as fighters mangled each other with endless lacerations. Here’s a look at the post-fight toll it took.

Phil Lambert / BKFC

Okay, so sometimes bare knuckle boxing is a joke, like when prelim fighter Sheena Starr came out wearing a “Hillary Clinton is a c**t” shirt or when the promoter declared he’d cut a fighter’s purse in half because he didn’t like the fight. But the main event between UFC vets Artem Lobov and Jason Knight was a brutal and violent display of what happens when two skilled fighters duke it out with no gloves.

Specifically: you get a lot of horrific face and hand trauma.

Artem Lobov, who won the fight with Knight on points after five rounds, posted a picture from the hospital looking pretty mangled:

But that was nothing compared to the damage he inflicted upon Jason Knight’s face. Look who’s giving Frankenstein’s monster a run for their money.

We’re still not sure whether Knight spent part of the bout spitting up multiple teeth or if this was mostly gobs from the half bottle of Vaseline “Stitch” Duran was forced to apply to his face to keep it from splitting completely in two. Either way, it was rough. And there was definitely at least one tooth lost:

You can watch highlights from their back and forth brawl here or check out the round by round play-by-play here.

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