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Video: Travis Browne hits fan for attacking Bret Hart during WWE Hall of Fame event

Chaos broke out during the Hart Foundation’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame when a fan attacked Bret Hart.


Things got out of hand quickly during a WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight after a crazy fan jumped out of the crowd to attack Bret Hart during a speech. The incident was captured by numerous people at the event and show the fan tackling Hart to the ground and then getting quickly dragged off by an outraged crowd of onlookers.

Bret Hart was reportedly not injured in the attack and finished his speech after the incident.

We’re not sure we can say the same thing for his attacker, who took a number of shots from the people who pulled him off Bret. Included in that group was Ronda Rousey’s husband and former UFC heavyweight fighter Travis Browne, who can be seen in a video sliding into the ring like a boss to protect Hart and getting a few punches in.

Another clip shows wrestler Dash Wilder giving the fan another stiff uppercut in the face as he’s being led away from ringside.

Suffice to say, it’s not a good idea to pull a stunt like this in a building full of seriously tough people. But man, who attacks Bret Hart?

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