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Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 5’s Sheena Star kicks off event with ‘Hillary Clinton is a c-nt’ shirt

BKFC 5 is just getting started and it’s already a carnival of violence and free speech.


There’s a certain contingent of MMA fans who aren’t impressed at all with the revival of bare knuckle boxing, and they let us know it in the comments whenever we’re covering events like Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 5 instead of sticking to the purer combat sports.

But with no UFC events or other major MMA events going down this weekend, BKFC 5 and its bevy of former UFC fighters has gained our attention. And well ... you fans calling it low brow now have some pretty convincing ammunition for future arguments.

In the second fight of the Facebook prelims, Sheena Star came out for her women’s featherweight bout wearing a pretty explicit shirt. Written across her top in bold letters: “Hillary Clinton is a c**t.”

Take a look:

Starr would channel that apparent rage against the Clintons into a powerful performance, stopping her opponent Ivana Coleman in the second with a flurry of punches that busted up Coleman’s eye, forcing the ref to stop the fight.

Those paying attention to the weigh-ins got a little preview of Starr’s colorful clothing-based statements...

We’re just two bouts into the show and it’s already pretty clear that this is a far cry from the glossed up UFC events we get on ESPN these days. Things are pretty damn raw, which I think is exactly what BKFC is going for.

You can follow our live play-by-play here or learn how to watch Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 5 here.

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