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Conor McGregor facing reduced charges for Miami cell phone incident

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Former UFC champion Conor McGregor will face reduced charges for his cell phone snatch-and-stomp last month outside of a Miami Beach nightclub, per court records (via USA TODAY Sports).

McGregor, who was arrested on felony charges last month after grabbing a cell phone out of a fan’s hand trying to take a picture of the fighter and eventually stepping on it (see it HERE), had one felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor and the other felony charge lowered in severity. In turn, “Notorious” will see his potential jail time reduced from a maximum of 20 years to just six.

“After reviewing the facts of the incident, the prosecutor realized that there wasn’t enough evidence to support the original felony charges,” former assistant U.S. Attorney David S. Weinstein told USA TODAY Sports.

The cell phone in question was originally valued at $1,000 which led to a felony criminal mischief charge for McGregor. That charge has since been reduced to a misdemeanor, per court records, as the cell phone is now valued anywhere between $200 and $1,000. McGregor’s other charge for strong-arm robbery (a second-degree felony) was also reduced to robbery by sudden snatching (a third-degree felony).

While this is good news for the former UFC superstar, McGregor still isn’t in the clear. The 30-year-old Irishman is scheduled for a hearing on April 10 to settle his newly-reduced charges. Should the third-degree felony stick it may very well effect McGregor’s ability to enter the United States moving forward.

“Like his other arrest, his biggest problem is the effect that a conviction will have on his immigration status,” Weinstein said. “A conviction for this offense qualifies as an aggravated felony. It remains a privilege to enter the U.S. and not a right. So if there is a conviction, that will allow U.S. immigration authorities to prevent him from entering the U.S. on a visitor or work visa.”

For now, fans will have to wait and see what kind of water McGregor lands in next week. If he's able to escape these charges relatively unscathed, his recent retirement may not last long.

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