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Midnight Mania! New McGregor sparring footage emerges from the vaults

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh posted old sparring footage from the vaults today. No, it isn’t the Paulie Malignaggi sparring match, though that would be a great way to build his channel — just release it round by round, as Kavanagh once said they would after the Mayweather fight.

This sparring footage, as McGregor explains, is from before McGregor fought Chad Mendes at UFC 189. His ACL was dangling by a thread, but his movement was still pretty slick. It’s a reminder that before he became a global superstar and a magnet for controversy, McGregor was also a pretty good fighter.

The post is typical for the current iteration of McGregor, reflecting on past glory in between increasingly ugly feuds with current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov to keep himself relevant.

A spar in the lead up to the Mendes fight. Just weeks after ACL tear. Note the occasional buckle in the leg + zero kicks. The spar before this you tried to pull me from the fight. Good times!Always good, sharp work with @FransMlambo! Looking forward to his next outing!


Tony Ferguson isn’t even dressed for the gym, he just stopped by and had to do some medicine ball throws while he was there.

Bryce Mitchell getting a power drill caught in his sack wasn’t the first accident to befall him.

It’s the suspense that kills in this video. This cat is way out of its weight class.

Paulie Malignaggi’s face when he saw it was Rumble Johnson holding him back was hilarious

Former RIZIN fighter Baruto is now in the Estonian parliament.

Garry Tonon feeding the conspiracy theorists

Of course Demetrious Johnson would enjoy talking Dragon Ball Super with his opponent even more than fighting him.

So Jacare replaced Costa against Romero because Costa pulled out, then Costa replaced Romero against Jacare because Romero pulled out, then Costa pulled out again?

Update on what took Yoel Romero out of the fight:


Uh... this is not the safest idea in the world. Urijah Faber is a fan, though.

Fight Bookings

Slips, Rips, Spinning Elbow Sh*t

Nice elbow

Y’all like horror movies?

I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen this one before, but everyone loves a good spinning elbow

Random Land

This will never not be amazing to me

My girl’s dog Nala is a dachshund mix (small and annoying at times, but not this small or this annoying). The dog did try to bite her one time and my girl bit her back. Nala never bit her again.

Terrible. Amazing, though.

No one arrested Thor when he rode the subway to save the world. This is species discrimination. Rocket should sue.

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