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Is Jacare Souza retiring after UFC Ft. Lauderdale? NO WAY!

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Listening to “sad” Ronaldo Souza talk about his upset loss to Jack Hermansson, which took place in the UFC Ft. Lauderdale main event last weekend on ESPN+ (watch it), it sounded like the Brazilian was contemplating retirement at the ripe old age of 39.

Not happening.

That’s according to Souza’s longtime manager, Gilberto Faria, who told ESPN “No Way” when asked if “Jacare” was calling it a career. And heck, at $210,000 per fight, even in defeat, I wouldn’t retire either, though it would certainly be on my mind after reading this.

It’s hard to predict where Souza goes from here. No question the updated rankings will boot him from the Top 5, but we won’t know what to expect until his follow-up performance. It’s entirely possible that Hermansson has become that good, as opposed to “Jacare” being on the decline.

I guess we’ll find out at some point later this year.