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Midnight Mania! Adesanya reacts to first fan ink: ‘guess I gotta tattoo his face on my leg now’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Israel Adesanya faced one of those weird markers on the road to superstar status: seeing his image tattooed on another man’s body. It has to be a weird experience, and one Israel says he knew he would face someday.

,..guess I gotta tattoo his face on my leg now lol.I’ve always said this day was coming and I never knew how I’d feel about it. Now that it’s your thaaang!! Your body your rules!If the way I’m living inspires you like the cartoon characters inked on my skin have inspired me, the do you booboo xoxo

Adesanya has a pretty solid take on it: if he inspires people the way fictional characters inspire him, then go for it. There are numerous Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor tattoos out there; the difference between a fictional character and a real athlete is that a real athlete can let you down. A fictional character, as a creation of someone’s imagination, can be whatever one needs it to be.


It looks like Conor McGregor is building a new SBG ‘headquarters’

Anderson Silva is a fan of black kung fu

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Black kung fu

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Darrion Caldwell vs. Kyoji Horiguchi 2 is cross-promotional magic, one of the best fights there is outside the UFC, and I can’t wait to see it happen in the Bellator cage.

RIP to Ryan Jimmo, who did the best robot the UFC has ever seen.

Robert Whittaker is defining the fight between himself and Adesanya as between ‘Bender and Reaper, and I have to admit this works.

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Conor McGregor admits he will probably never be fully able to walk away from fighting.

Now that Joe Rogan has a huge crossover audience, it is cool to see him still bringing on UFC fighters to help them promote themselves.

I really enjoyed the Cory Sandhagen vs. John Lineker scrap, and it was not a robbery; it was just a close fight.

Jack Hermansson is a legitimate contender. He took Jacare’s best shots and was just better over five rounds.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Look at this elbow

The anaconda is the best name for a choke

This rear-naked choke is pretty incredible as well.

This sequence is straight out of an action movie. This is the kind of highlight you can only get in mixed martial arts.

Fake the takedown, land a jumping knee

Fake the takedown, land an overhand.

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Wait for it... repost @fightinglabfl

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It isn’t often you see this happen.

3 vs. 3 MMA, but with slightly more thoughtful fighters.

Down went the God of Beer

Low kick finish

Throwback to this all-time classic, Anderson Silva just being out of Forrest Griffin’s league.

I had never seen this Jack Hermansson Cage Warriors finish, and to be honest I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Hermansson is now a legitimate contender.

Random Land

I’ve written some wacky headlines in my time but this one is straight out of a paperback spy novel

Speaking of whales

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