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Midnight Mania! Conor McGregor tweets, deletes post calling Khabib’s wife a towel

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*** UPDATE: Dana White has issued a statement on the “unacceptable” Twitter beef between Khabib vs. Conor - read it here! ***

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Conor McGregor called Khabib Nurmagomedov’s wife a towel. That is a strange sentence to write, but it is what he did. Khabib — a devout Muslim from Dagestan and UFC’s lightweight champion, who thoroughly routed McGregor last year at UFC 229 — has been going back and forth online recently with the supposedly retired Irishman. McGregor evidently found photos of Khabib’s wedding with his wife wearing the head covering traditional in Muslim cultures.

Unlike most of his trash talk, however, McGregor must have sensed he crossed a line with this insult, and deleted the tweet. Perhaps his manager and/or public relations rep was scrambling to erase the blunder. The Internet is forever, though.

McGregor is no stranger to offensive trash talk. He has called Khabib “a mad backward c***” for not drinking his whiskey, and said his father was a coward for accepting foreign rule. He made some cringeworthy racial comments in the build up to the Floyd Mayweather fight, which he seemed to realize later “didn’t really hit right.” Khabib, for his part, once advised that aspiring female fighters “just stay home.”

After absorbing all the insults from McGregor, Khabib admitted that crushing “Notorious” felt good, and the insults no doubt contributed to Khabib’s post-fight decision to leap out of the cage and attack McGregor’s cornerman and Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach Dillon Danis.

It isn’t exactly clear what McGregor hopes to accomplish with the nonstop insults at this time, aside from eventually drumming up another fight with the Dagestani. Khabib says he’s returning in September to fight the winner of Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier, and McGregor — besides announcing his retirement after negotiations with UFC seem to have stalled — is facing serious sexual assault allegations in Ireland. Still, there seem to somehow be an audience for a rematch to the one-sided UFC 229 affair.


In case you missed it, Paulie Malignaggi slapped Artem Lobov today, and McGregor responded by posting a slew of photos of himself punching Paulie in the face.

Lobov attracts slaps like a lightning rod. It’s amazing he never got slapped by Nate Diaz over two fights.

Irony from Dillon Danis:

I mean ... this is accurate:

Aspen Ladd does spend a lot of time outside with her wolvogs ...

Boxing great Terence Crawford says mixed martial arts (MMA) doesn’t pay enough:

Sometimes the weird stuff works, sometimes it backfires.

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Josh Emmett had some serious weight loss to get to 145.


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Von flued to #valhallaclub

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