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This video proves 3-on-3 MMA is just as stupid as it sounds

I guess 2-on-2 MMA was not extreme enough to catch on, and 5-on-5 MMA was likely to kill someone, so URCC decided to meet somewhere in the middle with 3-on-3, which is not as “insane” as it’s being billed on Twitter.

It looks rather dumb to me.

Probably because the quality of fights inside the cage help reinforce the old retail maxim that “Buy one, get one free” is only a good deal if you get something of value, because two of shit still equals shit.

I never heard of URCC and I don’t really follow what’s going on with the Philippine MMA scene, so I can’t provide you with much background on what’s happening here. But I would wager that you don’t give a shit either, and just came here to see the 3-on-3 clusterfuck.

Have at it.

In other stupid news, the President of Brazil wants to reduce the number of annual penis amputations. I’m prepared to do my part BY NEVER GOING TO BRAZIL.

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