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UFC Fight Night 150 results: Mike Perry decisions Alex Oliveira in violent, chaotic win

Welterweight action fighters ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry and Alex ‘The Brazilian Cowboy’ Oliveira went at it tonight (Saturday, April 27, 2019) from inside the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida, live only via the ESPN+ streaming service. It would be a fitting fight for the state of Florida.

Mike Perry did some breakdancing flips in the cage on his walkout, while Alex Oliveira was dancing his whole walkout, stopping the whole walkout to groove with the song.

Alex opened with a spinning back kick. He then whiffed on a wheel kick. They traded leg kicks. Perry was stalking forward. They found themselves in a chaotic clinch, and Perry stopped his takedown attempt. They reversed each other on the cage before breaking apart. Perry was stalking, while Cowboy was circling. Perry threw a right hand and they clinched again, Oliveira picking Perry up and tossing him. Perry stood back up and used the cage to keep Oliveira from taking his back. They separated. Oliveira threw a front kick. Perry ducked a right hand. Oliveira landed a big right hand, then followed it up with a sequence of huge punches. He whiffed on yet another wheel kick, then punched into the clinch. Perry defended and landed a nice elbow on the break. Oliveira stepped in and Perry countered. Oliveira and Perry traded. Oliveira connected on another huge sequence of shots. Perry ducked under swing, took Oliveira’s back standing and tried for a big knee that just missed. Perry stalked in, Oliveira threw a spinning backfist then covered up as Perry hammered away at him to end the round.

Oliveira started off aggressive and Perry looked to close distance, throwing up a high kick that missed. Perry stepped in and Oliveira clinched him to land a short uppercut. He connected again on big shots but when he stood in front of Perry to follow up, ‘Platinum’ dropped him briefly with a short hook. Perry was looking for that hook again, moving forward at the Brazilian Cowboy. He shot in and tossed Oliveira high in the air, but lost his balance and fell backwards in a hilarious mix of power and comedy. Oliveira somehow got up before him and chased him to the clinch. They separated, and Alex smiled at Mike. Karate stance from Oliveira for a second, and he tried a lead hook kick. They traded and Oliveira went down, Perry getting on top in half guard. Perry tried to posture and land elbows. Oliveira tried to block a big series of punches from Perry with just his arm and elbow, to mixed results. Oliveira was against the cage trying to stand, but eating massive punches from Perry, who had one arm trapped. Big knee to the body from Perry before Oliveira stood. He seemed to have injured his foot. Oliveira launched one last punch at Perry seemingly after the bell, but Perry avoided it. In the corner, Oliveira found out his toe was dislocated, and popped it back in.

Oliveira connected on a combination to start the third round. Perry jabbed at the body. Oliveira threw out a long one-two that just connected. Perry leaped in with a left hook that seemed to bother Oliveira. He just whiffed a straight right counter to a low kick, then landed a right overhand. Oliveira circled, looked for a darting right hand. Perry landed a short jab. perry wobbled Olveira with a massive hook. He cracked Alex again, who was looking for weird elbows as Perry chased. Perry landed massive punches on a shelled up Oliveira, who eventually circled free. Perry ate a big right-left from the Brazilian. Both men whiffed on punches. Oliveira landed a leg kick. Perry ducked a spinning backfist that saw Oliveira fall down, where he stayed, kicking up at Perry until the bell sounded. That was a wild, chaotic battle, the perfect blend of violent action and physical comedy.

Perry was ecstatic when his name was read. He glowered up at the crowd. He referenced Bruce Lee: “When they expand, I contract. When they contract, I expand. When there’s an opportunity, I don’t hit, it hits all by itself.” He said he was ecstatic to get a win in his home fighting state, saying he came up fighting in Florida. He called out Darren Till afterwards, and that’s a fight that’s been a long time brewing. Great win for Mike Perry, probably his highest level win, reversing what had started to become a downward trend for him.

Results: Mike Perry def. Alex Oliveira via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

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