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Midnight Mania! Watch McGregor return to roots, compete in Crumlin boxing match

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Conor McGregor returned to his earliest combat sports roots today, getting in the boxing ring at his original gym in Crumlin, Ireland. The event is apparently held to raise money for the boxing club to be able to pay for younger fighters’ travel expenses so they can compete in matches throughout the year. McGregor can be seen doing his signature strut in headgear, a red sleeveless shirt, and uncharacteristically loose shorts.

Although the match was just a sparring session, McGregor starts it off like the showman he is, stalking into the ring. When his opponent imitates him, McGregor loses the shuffle and slams a left hand into the other boxer’s head. That is also classic McGregor, the same tactic he used to snatch Jose Aldo’s belt during the world tour so long ago.

Whoever he is sparring is no slouch, showing off head movement of his own, and going after McGregor with a series of hooks. McGregor can be seen slipping, bobbing, weaving, and clinching his way out of trouble.

All was smiles afterwards, as the folks at Crumlin Boxing Club were clearly quite happy he packed out the club for their fundraiser.

A little positive press is no doubt welcome for the Irishman, who has been facing a slew of troubles lately, mostly of his own making.


Michael Bisping roasting himself

Everyone has this fighter, right?

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What fighter made you make this face?

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How does this happen, you ask? Why, the sheer power of will, of course!

Amanda Nunes and Nina Ansaroff have one of the cutest relationships you’ll ever see online.

Uriah Hall was in awe, as we all are, at the size of this liger; absolute unit. The gene that controls size in lions is carried in the female, and for tigers is carried in the male. As a result, when a male lion mates with a female tiger the offspring, ligers, are enormous.

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Am I trippin

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I like this Dustin Poirier fan art

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

A well-timed intercepting knee is a deceptive thing.

Sometimes knockouts are a game of millimeters.

Apparently it is a tradition in this little Guatemala town to throw down every year like this, bareknuckle style. According to @fanaticosMMAGT on Twitter: “The tradition is that you get to challenge someone you have biff with or just someone around your weight that you want to fight. It happens once a year on good friday and it’s more than 100 years old.”

An inside slip uppercut, very awkward combination to pull off.

A good liver kick is a brutal thing

So close

Bruno Korea is a cool name

Is this a variant of the dread Falcon Knee?

He entered a portal into another sport

Their names are Paulo Pizzo and ‘Blade’ Batista you say?

Jackson Soares, he soares very well

When the slam doesn’t work, the tap is imminent

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