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Angela Magana releases video statement following scary spinal surgery coma incident

YouTube - Angela Magana

It’s been a rough week for former UFC fighter Angela Magana. A herniated disc forced her into the hospital for a nerve block procedure, which led to doctors diagnosing her with cauda equina syndrome and prepping her for emergency spine surgery. That went down on Tuesday night, but something went very wrong with the anesthesia. Magana fell into a coma after the operation and wouldn’t wake up for two days.

Fortunately, we got word on Thursday morning that Magana was slowly coming to: blinking, moving her fingers, and doing various other things living people not in comas enjoy doing. Now she’s recorded an emotional message for all those who sent her thoughts and prayers during her ordeal.

“Hi, guys, I’m awake,” a dazed looking Magana said. “I still feel very tired. Like, I can barely open my eyes. But thank you, everybody, for thinking about me. I feel like I’m a very rich woman because I have a lot of time.”

”Look what happened,” she continued. “I almost lost all my time. But to take time to wish somebody well, what do we do with time? We make money. So time’s more valuable than money. So, thank you to everybody who took the time to wish me well. I’m going to make a full recovery.”

”The problem was just the anesthesia. The disc procedure and cauda equina stuff was better than they thought. The surgery was great, it was just the anesthesia. I’m going to get better, and I’ll be fighting again soon. Nothing will stop me, man. And Combate Americas has been so good to me. Thank you.”

Magana was set to fight at Combate Americas on April 26th, and the initial nerve block was booked in an attempt to push through back pain she was suffering during training. How terrible would that have been if it ended up killing her? MMA fans, this is the stuff you don’t see going on in the background of many fighters’ lives.

And just in case you were wondering where the typically fiesty AF Magana went ... she’s still around.

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