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Midnight Mania! Rory Macdonald’s coach Firas Zahabi calls Jon Fitch ‘cheater’ and ‘coward’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Rory Macdonald’s coach Firaz Zahabi was not mincing words when it came to Rory MacDonald’s upcoming Bellator 220 opponent Jon Fitch.

You know Fitch got busted for steroids. That’s why he had a resurgence. He’s better now than he was before. He had a dip, then he had a surge.

Fitch did indeed fail a drug test when he was competing in World Series of Fighting (now the Professional Fighting League, or PFL) in 2015. That was after he claimed TRT, then legal in UFC, was a ‘joke,’ one he didn’t need because he had never wrecked his body with steroids. He went on to lose that PFL bout to Rousimar Palhares via first-round kneebar. He is currently riding high on a five-fight win streak. Zahabi went on:

Jon Fitch was tested positive for PEDs, Performance Enhancing Drugs, and he’s had a major resurgence in his career. In my opinion, let’s be honest, he’s a cheater. We’re not a group of guys playing golf here, we’re not playing soccer. We are hitting each other. We’re not hitting soccer balls, we’re not hitting baseballs, we’re hitting each other. It’s highly immoral, it’s a crime in my opinion, and the truth is, he’s not as good as people think he is. He’s really just a cheater. Because if I take a guy and give them testosterone, he’s going to be really good too... so in my opinion, this is a highly objectable contest, because I know, I feel it for sure, if he did it in 2015, here we are and it’s 2019, and he’s in a title fight, of course he’s gonna do it. But we don’t have USADA or VADA testing in Bellator, we only have the testing the week of the fight, which is very easy to get around. So in my opinion, Fitch, he’s not an authentic fighter.

Zahabi highlights a systemic issue with Bellator, that it does not have the strict drug testing protocols that UFC can afford. We have seen that even with a drug testing program through USADA, fighters are able to avoid being caught for years, T.J. Dillashaw being a notable recent example.

Zahabi — who also coached Georges St-Pierre when he defeated Fitch by lopsided decision in 2008 — was also dismissive of Fitch’s skill.

This guy’s a coward, he’s a cheater. At the end of the day he’s a true coward. He’s not a competent fighter in my opinion, he’s really just a guy on a lot of juice. He’s a good wrestler, yeah, I’ll give him that. But, really he’s just a guy on a lot of juice. I could take an average wrestler and give him testosterone and he would be competitive. The truth of the matter is, he can’t win without it, that’s the truth.

MacDonald is coming off a crushing loss up at middleweight to Gegard Mousasi, where he failed in his bid to become a double champion. He now attempts to defend his Bellator welterweight title April 27, 2019, against Fitch as part of Bellator’s welterweight tournament, which also involves Neiman Gracie, Douglas Lima, and Michael Page. The event is streamed live on the DAZN digital platform.


Speaking of people who have failed drug tests in the past, Brock Lesnar was apparently tested again this week.

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This is both hilarious and disturbing

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What does this guy tell himself after this?

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